Audio-Technica has revealed the AT-ART1000X – the brand’s most advanced cartridge to date.

Developed and manufactured in Japan, the AT-ART1000X has been designed to deliver an “unparalleled analogue music listening experience” for discerning audiophiles. 

Harnessing the philosophy and design of the AT-ART1000, the next generation cartridge provides a more refined direct power system for improved efficiency and enhanced bass reproduction. 

Like its predecessor, the AT-ART1000X’s direct power system places the dual moving coil directly above the stylus tip, rendering the most subtle details in music and ensuring the audio quality is uncompromised by the cantilever’s length and material. 

The newly developed coils for the AT-ART1000X are rectangular rather than round, positioning more of their surface area in the magnetic field. The result is an improved output voltage and an expanded low frequency range for accurate bass. 

Each non-magnetic core coil is constructed of 20 μm (0.79 mil) diameter PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting) wire, hand-wound exactly eight times by skilled experts to create the rectangular shape. 

The coils are contained in an ultra-thin 25 μm (0.98 mil) special film and placed in the tiny 0.5mm (0.020″) gap of a powerful magnetic circuit, enabling each coil to generate an output voltage of 0.22 mV with a coil impedance of 3.5 Ω, despite having a non-magnetic core.

The AT-ART1000X retains the high-performance line contact stylus and solid boron cantilever of the previous model to deliver a precise reading of the record groove. 

Meanwhile, the sturdy titanium base provides consistent playback and works in tandem with the cartridge’s rigid cover and aluminium housing to disperse resonance that would negatively affect sound quality. 

Designed to last, a special coating protects the magnetic circuit from corrosion for a stable performance throughout the cartridge’s lifetime. 

The Audio-Technica AT-ART1000X will be available from June 13 2024 for a RRP £4,700 / €5,500.

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