Invision has announced that Nexus 21’s new Apex motorised TV wall mount is now available. Nexus 21 calls on integrators and professionals to forget everything they know about motorised wall mounts as it has engineered the Apex to create a purpose-built system that solves any potential challenges an installer might face.  

It is said to be the first motorised wall mount ever created that fits completely inside the wall and it has an ultra-thin installation profile of just ¾”. It has been designed so that it can move in multiple directions and to pre-set locations – always with a smooth, quiet motion. And, Apex is the very first mount of its type to include IP control and feedback, allowing for complete integration with control systems. 

In the past, motorised motors, would often break, costing professionals time and money. To address this, Apex features ‘Smart Drive’ technology, which prevents damage when it is moved manually. Smart Drive enables Apex to be actively aware of its position, allowing it to recover from unexpected changes to its path and to instantly release when encountering resistance. 

A versatile wall box can be mounted either inwall or on-wall for ultimate flexibility and a three-step installation allows for a simple process by a single technician. Three-point adjustments enable fine-tuning of the TV, quickly correcting its position in the unlikely event of an uneven installation. Dedicated component-mounting locations, as well as the proprietary COBRA Concealed CableManagement System, provide a sleek aesthetic and prevent cable wear and tear.  

“The inspiration behind Apex is to erase the pain professionals experienced with motorised mounts of the past. No more damaged motors. No more loud, bulky mechanisms,” says Nexus 21 CEO, Cory Lovett. “Apex allows integrators to say ‘yes’ to their customers every time and for them to be able to specify a motorised mount with confidence.” 

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