Nexus 21 is helping systems integrators extend their reach into new markets with several motorised TV lifts and drop-down mechanisms that debuted at ISE 2024. According to Nexus 21, the products are designed and engineered to adjust the position of an attached TV smoothly and quietly for optimal viewing while minimising its impact on the surrounding décor.

Nexus 21 introduced several new models at ISE 2024, and according to the company, they are designed to overcome challenging design and structural situations often faced by AV integrators. 

“Many of our new motorised TV mounts were developed based on requests from our dealers,” says Cory Lovett, CEO of Nexus 21.

All-New Nexus 21 L77i Drop-Down TV Lift for ceilings and high walls

When wall space is at a premium, finding room for a wall-mounted TV can seem challenging. Nexus 21 says that the new L77i Drop-Down TV Lift, a highlight of Nexus 21’s ISE 2024 exhibit, solves this issue. Dealers can choose to mount a TV above the ceiling or in an enclosure high on a wall. At the touch of a button, the mount’s motorised mechanism lowers the TV from its hiding spot into view. 

The Nexus 21 L77i lift extends as far as 52in and can carry a TV as large as 86in and 68kg (150 lbs). “There has been a dramatic increase in requests from dealers and end-users for overhead mounting solutions,” says Cory “With TVs becoming lighter and slimmer, now is the perfect time to consider mounting a display overhead. Our highly versatile L77i, as well as our L77ix, which incorporates a motorised swivel, was designed specifically for these popular applications.” 

The L77i is quick to deploy, arriving at the site preassembled to help cut installation time in half. 

All-New Nexus 21 DL-65 Series Pop-Up Swivel Mount for extra heavy TVs

TVs are certainly getting slimmer and lighter, but there are plenty of applications that require a heavy-duty lift to carry beefier models. Outdoor entertainment areas where TVs need to pop up from inside a cabinet often require a lift with enough power to move weighty enclosure tops and TV/soundbar combos. For this reason, Nexus 21 developed its DL-65 Series, a complete line of motorised pop-up lifts for use in covered outdoor settings. 

ISE 2024 attendees were first to see the newest member of the DL-65 Series, the DL-65x. It combines the same dual motors, quiet lift technology and installation ease as earlier models, with the addition of a newly developed extra-weight swivel mechanism. This feature, which mechanically swivels a display to a preferred position, increases the weight capacity from 45kg (100lbs) to 79kg (175lbs) and can extend up to 97.7cm (38.5in). This inclusion of sleek actuator technology ensures no visible tracks or gears in the extended position.

Other models in the new DL extra-weight pop-up series include the DL-65en and DL-65ens, designed to include custom cabinetry to cover the back and sides of the TV. The DL-65en elevates a TV but with no swivelling action; the DL-65ens elevates a TV and swivels it manually.  

Nexus 21 CL-65e Ceiling Flip-Down and Extend TV Lift

Ideally suited for environments with high ceilings and end-users who want a flexible viewing experience, Nexus 21 offers its CL-65e Ceiling Flip-Down and Extend TV Lift. Combining two distinct motions, the lift flips down a display mounted horizontally, either flush with the ceiling or above it, then lowers it 24in. The mount, which accommodates TVs up to 65in and 45kg (100lbs), can be mounted in the ceiling framing or bolted directly to the surface, giving integrators two installation options. 

Nexus 21 L-65x Pop-Up Lift with a motorised swivel

A popular conceal-and-reveal solution for living room furniture and foot-of-the-bed cabinets is the Nexus 21 L-65x. This near-silent, easy-to-install pop-up lift offers two programmable preset positions to raise and swivel the attached TV with a button on the included handheld remote. It holds TVs up to 65in and 45kg (100 lbs), extends nearly 98cm (39in), and swivels 360°, enabling the screen to be viewed from a completely different vantage point. 

All-New Nexus 21 integration and sensor technologies

The physical lifting and lowering of TVs of all sizes and brands covers only the mechanical aspects of Nexus 21’s solutions. Technology plays a vital role in proper positioning, control and integration. Nexus 21 says it introduced ISE attendees with several new technological features to enhance installation ease and end-user enjoyment. Nexus 21 will preview its new integration module, which requires no commitment to a single control method—IR, IP, or contact closure—when specifying and installing a lift. The integration module, arriving with a Bluetooth remote, supports all three, simplifying installation and configuration for systems integrators. It is expected to be released in Q2 2024.

Safety is a primary concern when installing any motorised mechanism into a residential or commercial setting. The inclusion of highly sensitive accelerometer and gyroscope technologies in Nexus 21’s built-in lift sensors provides ultra-responsive collision detection and stopping capability.

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