Respected US AV processing brand, available to custom integrators in the UK from Karma-AV, has widened its offering to AV the home cinema market with new processors and AVRs stuffed with the most recent technology.

Fluent in Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D, three new Lexicon models are joining the family, the MC-10 immersive surround sound AV processor, the RV-6 (7 x 90W) and RV-9 (7 x 100W) AVRs. All three are specified with Dirac room EQ, the Logic7 Immersion up-mixer and 4K (UHD) HDMI2.0a with HDCP2.2 video capability (incl. zone 2 MC-10 and RV-9).

The Lexicon MC-10 is designed to introduce outstanding audio and video quality. Complete with an audiophile-grade 24Bit/192kHz DAC, Dirac room equalisation and high-quality dynamics with low distortion, the maker says the MC-10 will ensure pristine sound for music and movies.

Also included, 11.1 decoding, 7.2.4 balanced XLR outputs, Spotify Connect, and a zone two with audio, 4K video, IR control, triggers and XLR and RCA outputs, deliver a good level of flexibility.

The maker says its RV-6 AVR has been specified to maintain best-in-class AV signal integrity and processing, as well as uncompromised Class A/B amplification on all channels, all of the time, even with the most demanding program material.

HDMI2.0a with HDCP2.2 4K Ultra HD and 3D video capability are built in as well as Dolby Vision compatibility. Including 7.1.4 decoding, 11.2 preamp outputs, seven channels of amplification, independent zone two video and triggers, as well as RS232, Ethernet, and IR control, the RV-6 can be configured for a variety of system designs.

The Lexicon RV-9 Class G AVR has been birthed to bring exceptional clarity and dynamic power to home cinemas. Like its range mates, the RV-9 deploys a 24bit/192k Cirrus CS42528 DAC, featuring 114dB dynamic range and -100dB THD+N (20Hz – 20kHz) to exploit the transparency of its efficient, cool-running Class G amplification.

The RV-9 includes HDMI2.0a with HDCP2.2 4K Ultra HD and 3D video capability as well as Dolby Vision compatibility. This unit delivers 11.1 decoding, 7.2.4 preamp outputs, seven channels of amplification, independent zone two, 4K video, IR, and triggers, combined with RS232 and Ethernet control.

Available on all models, the Harman proprietary Logic 7 Immersion up-mixer was created to envelop the listener with a rich and natural three dimensional sound.

Designed by Lexicon research scientists and engineers, the feature is supposed to provide a musical listening experience that will make the end-user feel like there are in the concert hall or in the studio with the musicians.

Typical retail prices (inc VAT) are expected to be MC-10 £4,799.00; RV-6 £3,199.00; RV-9 £5,199.00.

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