Consisting of the RX-A840, RX-A1040, RX-A2040, RX-A3040 AVRs and the BD-A1040 Blu-ray player, the family is designed to offer a compelling range of choices for serious home cinema. As well as high-quality sound and vision, the range allows streaming to the AVRs from a smart device, using either WPS, PIN entry, iOS wireless sharing or via Wireless Direct to connect directly to a smart device for one to one streaming and control.

All the AVRs have their own App allowing easy access to all the capabilities the family has to offer including multi-zone play-back. Network streaming abilities include Spotify Connect, Napster, HTC Connect, MusicPlay, Airplay, DLNA and vTuner. If the user has a Spotify premium account, they can take full advantage of the Spotify Connect streaming functionality combined with the AVENTAGE receiver’s zone functions.

All the new AVENTAGE receivers feature the latest HDMI specification, with the ability to pass through 4k/60p signals as well as upscaling from 1080p to 4K (from SD to 4K on the RX-A3040).
Performance wise, fully discrete power amplifiers minimise distortion, and independent pure power supplies prevent digital noise from affecting analogue circuitry. Independent DAC power supplies also reduce noise and large heatsinks dissipate heat and suppress vibration. Yamaha is particularly keen to draw attention to the refined circuit configurations and the use of high performance ESS DACs.

By combining traditional and innovative technologies, including the ART Wedge, aluminium front panel, highest quality parts and a rigid chassis with H-shaped cross member frame, Yamaha says every factor that affects sound quality is optimised for superb musical performance. The whole family will be available from late summer.

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