Sunfire has revealed a radical new redesign to its high-performance HRS Subwoofer series; promising an improved listening experience and more power than ever before.

The HRS Subwoofer series utilises some of Sunfire’s latest technologies to deliver a sound that packs a punch, even despite the small sizes.

“Sunfire has once again raised the industry standard with the transformation of the HRS Subwoofer series,” Core Brands audio marketing manager, Matt Dever, states.

“Engineered by Furman technicians, the HRS Series features an all new Toroidal Transformer designed to dramatically reduce noise levels, and improve the overall listening experience for everyone to enjoy.”

Sunfire will be offering the HRS series in a variety of sizes; including an 8, 10 and 12in model.

Designed to adapt to a home theatre setup of any size, the HRS Series comes equipped with ‘frequency filtration design’.

This technology is designed to give the HRS subs a ‘sonic intelligence’ that should let the listener hear and feel all the deep-bass details in the favourite music and movie soundtracks.
Sunfire says this is achieved by an improved accuracy even at the highest volumes and lowest frequencies.

The HRS series packs a 1,000W amplifier inside its casing, which has been designed to deliver high levels of current with greater efficiency than convential amps.

This should improve power consumption, while also ensuring that the subs run cool.

Power consumption has also been improved when switched into standby mode, with all-new circuitry installed.

Elsewhere the soft-clipping circuitry also works to keep the subs from getting damaged; it does this by preventing the woofer from being dangerously overdriven or producing obvious distortion.

While these are all features Sunfire are keen to tout, the company says most of the performance is down to the extra-long throw woofer.

The woofer is said to have the ability to make extremely long excursions which enable it to displace large amounts of air, producing a deep bass.

Additionally, the driver’s surround has been designed to hold the woofer cone precisely into place as it moves; something the company says help improve the accuracy of the sound.

Sunfire wants the HRS series to be the installer’s choice.

To do that, it has tried to make installation as easy and as convenient as possible.

There are numerous connectivity options, including RCA inputs/outputs, speaker level inputs, a detachable power cord and international voltage selection.

Installers will also find line-level inputs and outputs, plus speaker-level inputs which should facilitate the installation of the HRS series with most audio systems.

“The Sunfire HRS subwoofer is designed in an effortlessly stylish, high-gloss piano black finish that fits flawlessly into almost any room décor, making it the perfect foundation for every great home theater and audio system,” Matt concludes.

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