Sonos Move Gets Set For Summer

Sonos Move has a new colourMove has longer battery life than at launch

Just in time for summer, Sonos Move, the brand’s portable smart speaker, is now available in a new colour, an ultra-light grey called Lunar White.

Billed As Sonos’ most versatile speaker yet, the company says Move has quickly become a customer favourite and was one of the top selling products in April for great sound indoors, in the garden and whilst out and about.  

The Lunar White Sonos Move is available for pre-order starting today on for £399. Availability in Canada, US, Mexico, and China starts June 30. Europe, Australia, and Japan availability starts July 7. 

Move has been designed to deliver smart, adaptable sound with surprisingly deep bass and a powerful wide soundscape that can fill outdoor spaces like patios and gardens. Move also has an extra hour of battery life, now up to 11 hours of continuous play via a recent software update. Move gains its power from its own charging base.  

Move is completely wireless, so users can listenon Wi-Fi when at home, or switch to Bluetooth when listening on-the-go. 

The product has been described as durable and if reported drop tests out the in the field are anything to go by, some planned, some not, it does pretty well in this department. The unit also has an IP56 rating, so should be able to handle drops, sandy beaches and sweat. Its Lunar White and Shadow Black colours are UV-resistant, so should avoid overheating and protect the look of the product long term.  

The updated Move joins the recently launched Arc, which we reviewed recently.

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