Free of charge to RTI dealers, the driver is designed to provide home owners with a powerful solution for browsing online streaming or local music as well as adjusting audio settings on up to 16 HEOS media players from a single page of an RTI user interface.

Developed by RTI, the two-way driver for Denon HEOS gas been created to allow installers to implement the new solution easily without any licensing expenses, resulting in a powerful, cost-effective control solution for multi-room audio installations which use the HEOS system.

With control of up to 16 media players on a single screen, the driver also readily scales to fit the scope of larger-sized installations.

Further useful features include a large selection of streaming music services with full browsing capabilities, music player grouping on-the-fly and the ability to listen to external audio sources such as smartphones, tablets, or a PC music library on any player.

The two-way driver for Denon HEOS is available from RTI’s website at in the Driver Store.

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