The Roomie App from Silicon Valley company, Roomie Remote Inc has been unveiled in a new 3.0 version.

The Roomie App allows consumers to have complete control of their lights, shades, music and TV – wirelessly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional home automation systems that require built-in touch panels.

Originally released in 2010 as an App for iOS devices, Roomie 3.0 features added compatibility for iOS 8 as well as network control of Apple TV and Nest thermostats. Sonos group control, Lutron Triggers and other enhancements are also part of the 3.0 release.

Roomie features an array of network device recognition protocols that automatically detect supported devices on home Wi-Fi networks and is compatible with thousands of modern IP controlled devices.

For infrared devices, the new Roomie Blaster adapters – introduced as part of the 3.0 launch – are the size of a memory stick and provide Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity to infrared or serial (RS232) components for seamless integration with the Roomie App.

The App is available on the App Store and the blasters can be ordered from

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