Swann has announced the release of the Swann Wire-Free Security Camera, a brand new, completely wireless camera that can be set-up in seconds and mounted indoors or outdoors, featuring facial recognition.

This wireless camera is quick and easy to set up and use, boasting True Detect heat and motion sensing – ensuring users get reliable alerts – as well as infrared night vision allowing them to see in the dark up to 8m from the camera.

The new camera delivers 1080p images and can be used equally effectively indoors and outdoors. It boasts a robust, weatherproof design with an IP65 rating that makes it able to withstand rain, snow and heat, all year round.

“We are proud to announce the release of the new Wire-Free Security Camera, which delivers high-performance smart security with a comprehensive set of features while keeping true to our tradition of low cost of ownership and ease of use,” says Mike Lucas, CEO, Swann.

“With both a microphone and a speaker, users can have two-way conversations with anyone near the camera. That can mean scaring off intruders or telling a delivery worker where to safely place that all-important delivery. Alternatively, if the camera is indoors, you can utilise it as a perfect way to keep in touch with elderly, family or pets.”

The Swann Wire-Free Security Camera features a 180° viewing angle, making it able to deliver complete coverage using fewer cameras. Free face recognition with smart mobile alerts provides facial recognition (for up to 10 people), able to trigger recording and personalised push notifications. In addition, the Swann Wire-Free Security Camera is protected by two-factor authentication, 128-bit bank-level encryption of video and data and a personalised username and password safeguards – so privacy and security are as well-protected as the home or business. 

Free local and cloud storage means footage is saved to a secure cloud (for seven days rolling) and local back-up (for two days rolling) with added storage available via subscription services. There is no issue even if the internet or power suffer an outage: recording continues unaffected and is simply backed up to the cloud later.

The Swann Wire-Free Security Camera is part of a complete security ecosystem that can be managed under the Swann Security App, so users can add more Swann cameras or fully wired DVR or NVR surveillance systems and manage the whole system within the one App. 

This gives users the ability to control wired and wireless security devices from multiple sites, stream live video, always receive rich notifications and know what’s happening in one place. 

Swann says it is the only security brand that offers a complete line up of inter-connectable wired and wireless security solutions that is also completely integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa.

The Swann Wire-Free Security Camera is priced at  £149.99/ US$149/ AU$249 and is available now directly from Swann or certain online retailers.

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