Origin Acoustics has announced the arrival of its ‘Bassic subwoofer’ line. Building on past success in the subwoofer category, the Origin team has created three models that are designed to provide deep, dynamic bass to fill out the lowest octaves in the sonic spectrum

Whether installers are looking to enhance music delivery or create greater impact from a movie soundtrack, Origin says its Bassic Subs are a perfect addition to a wide range of projects.

Jeremy Burkhardt, Origins CEO, says: “The custom industry has been flooded with low-end subs that do not produce sustainable deep rich bass. We have engineered amplifiers that push bass output to the highest levels.

“The CEDIA channel must stop selling low price point solutions and focus on sound quality. We have created a range of subwoofers that bring critical listening back to the front of the conversation. The piano gloss finish cabinets are the finest this category has seen since Velodyne launched in the 1990’s. I was inspired to create Bassic based in my love for deep, tight bass response.”

The Bassic subs are available in 8in, 10in or 12in versions and the aluminum drivers are powered by 100w, 150w or 250w of Class D amplification.

The controls for level, phase and crossover adjustment are mounted on the front of the cabinet behind the grille for easy access whether the sub is against a wall our mounted in a cabinet.

The piano-gloss black finish and inset grille design are in place to make the unit as pleasant to look at as it is to listen to

The Bassic Subs will be shipping mid-April.

Check out the origin of Origin Acoustics in the video below

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