The HD27e, the next evolution of Optoma’s well-liked HD27 1080p home entertainment projector, is now available. The new model offers brighter, bolder images, runs quieter and has a longer expected lamp life than its predecessor, while still maintaining the affordability that made the original model so enticing.

Featuring decent colour performance for the price point, this projector delivers accurate true-to-life colour reproduction, says the maker. It includes two HDMI inputs for connecting a laptop, PC, Blu-ray player, media streamer or games console.

Additionally, the HD27e weighs less than 2.9kg, making it convenient for use on the go with the optional carry bag for a sports event, movie night or games marathon.

Kishan Mistry, product manager at Optoma says, “The new HD27e is a brighter home entertainment projector, combining fantastic features with exceptional colour accuracy to produce true-to-life visuals on a huge screen. The small chassis, simple set up and integrated speaker make this projector a good all-rounder for any home.”

Optoma says its ‘Amazing Colour’ technology ensures vibrant, long-lasting and accurate colours to match any application or environment.

Equipped with an enhanced colour wheel and multiple modes and settings to choose from. This projector gives users or the installer the option to select the best setting for the content. Each mode has been fine-tuned by Optoma’s colour team to deliver superior colour performance.

The HD27e can also be turned into a ‘smart’ projector by connecting an HDMI dongle like the Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV to play games, stream videos and share photos.

For added convenience, the projector comes with an integrated speaker that delivers powerful 10W audio. An audio output is also included, enabling connection to external sound systems.

The gaming mode setting is designed to optimise the projector for lightning response times, maximum contrast and vivid colours.

Now, obviously this is never going to the be the centre piece for a top performing dedicated home cinema, but we reckon it’s a useful little beamer to have in your armoury for games rooms, kids bedrooms or when a customer wants a cinema but is on a tight budget.

HD27e key features


  • Full HD 1080p resolution – perfect for watching HD TV, sports, movies and gaming
  • Lights on viewing – 3400 lumen brightness
  • Amazing Colour – Rec. 709 HDTV standard for accurate colour
  • Easy connectivity – 2x HDMI and MHL support
  • Built-in 10W Speaker
  • USB power – to stream content via HDMI dongle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • WHD200 compatibility


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