Nest’s first foray into the world of IP cameras, the Nest Cam, is now available to purchase in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Announced last month, the Nest Cam is the result of the company’s acquisition of Dropcam; which it bought in June of last year in a $555m (£358m) cash deal.

Like other IP cameras the Nest promises live video streaming to a phone or computer; although unlike previous cameras offered by Dropcam and some of its competitors, the resolution of the footage is set at 1080p HD.

Nest has also tried to make the camera as versatile as it can, with the new magnetic base capable of sticking to metal, being mounted to the wall or screwed onto a universal tripod. The stand can also be twisted around, bent at an angle or be mounted upside down.

As part of a launch offer, Nest will be offering customers who purchase the device before August 4th access to a 60-day free trial of Nest Aware. Those purchasing the IP camera after that date will be limited to the standard 30-day free trial offered.

After the 30-day free trial offer, Nest Aware will be available as either a 10-day or 30-day subscription, with prices set at £8 and £24 per month, respectively.

Nest Aware will allow users to ‘see more and do more’ with Nest Cam.

Customers will get access to 30 days-worth of video history, allowing them to scroll back through the live stream and pinpoint exact moments that occurred on the camera.

Clever algorithms should also detect when something is happening in the room that isn’t simply a tree swaying in the wind outside the window. If motion is detected then an alert will be sent to the user’s smartphone which will enable them to quickly view what’s going on.

Those not wanting to scroll through the entire 30-day video history will also be able to create timelapses for quickly viewing a day in the life of their home.

Nest Cam will work in both daylight and at night time with its eight infrared LEDs and new algorithms, all claiming to give it better night vision than others on the market.

Those wanting to pick up a Nest Cam will be able to do so from today, with prices set at £159 including VAT.

Nest Cam will be available to purchase from Amazon, John Lewis, Graham, Currys, PC World, Jewson, Gibbs & Dandy, Wilts, WF Senate, Newey Eyre, Saint-Gobain, Invision UK, PlumbCenter and Nest’s own website.

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