NAD Completes Makeover of Integrated Amplifiers with Addition of the C 316BEE V2

NAD Electronics has announced an update to one of its most popular amplifiers ever: the C 316 BEE V2.

Created to blend simplicity with best-in-class performance, the updated NAD integrated amp now includes an MM phono input featuring the company’s RIAA equalisation circuit.

The NAD C 316BEE V2 (€399/ £349 MSRP) available now, can serve as a budget reference amplifier for those who demand outstanding value, says the maker.

The update of the C 316 BEE V2 completes a two-year makeover of NAD’s five Classic integrated amplifiers which also include the C 328 (€599 / £499 / US$549), C 338 (€699 / £599 / US$649), C 368 (€999 / £799 / US$899) and C 388 (€1749 / £1499 / US$1599).

Recognising that many music lovers have rediscovered vinyl, all five models feature a high quality Moving Magnet phono stage based on the company’s accomplished RIAA equalisation circuit.

This circuit combines low noise with high overload margins to help eliminate noise and distortion. There is also an ‘infrasonic’ filter to help control low-frequency feedback, handy in particular to control floor and cabinet vibrations.

Staying true to the clean design lines for which NAD in known, all five models have undergone an update to their industrial design.

The maker says slightly curved edges to the charcoal front panel bookend a clean ergonomic layout where simplicity and ease of use are paramount.


Waving the flag for installers


The flagship models of the NAD Classic amps, C 388 and C 368, feature Modular Design Construction (MDC) with card slots to accommodate changes in technology to help prevent obsolescence.

Of particular interest to installers is the addition of a BluOS module that instantly transforms either amplifier into a wireless, high-res, multi-room hub. For C 388 and C 368 owners who want to go beyond remote control, NAD now offers a free mobile control app for smartphones as well.

The C 338 is the first amplifier to feature Chromecast built in. It is Wi-Fi enabled for network streaming of internet services internet radio and UPnP. The C 328 is a step up over the C 316 BEE V2 and offers increased power with support for Bluetooth.

NAD describes all three of these amps as providing audiophile solutions for those seeking maximum value.

“Anyone who is familiar with NAD’s proud history knows that an affordable, high performance integrated amplifier is what launched the brand 45 years ago,” explains Greg Stidsen, director of technology and product planning for NAD. “With the C 316BEE V2, NAD has completely updated its five Classic amplifier models with new industrial design and MM phono inputs to satisfy vinyl lovers. Other models feature BluOS or Wi-Fi enabled streaming and one even offers Chromecast. What has not changed however is the company’s design objective: to produce the best sounding amplifier in its class while retaining the simplicity that NAD is famous for.”


Key Features of the NAD C 316BEE V2: 

  • PowerDrive S – high current circuit design can handle complex speaker loads and deliver surprising amounts of undistorted power
  • Phono input with NAD’s acclaimed RIAA phono circuit
  • All NAD integrated amps now feature MM Phono input
  • Five Line Level Inputs – one on front and four on the rear panel
  • Front panel input for portable media player
  • Headphone Output
  • Bass and Treble Controls with tone Defeat (Bypass)
  • Full function IR Remote Control


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