The creators of this new online design tool say it is set to revolutionise the cinema design process, allowing installers to create technically impeccable cinema designs, support documents and aesthetic renders, in minutes.

Producing a technically correct cinema design can be a labour intensive process and, with new immersive sound codecs such as Auro 3D, Atmos and DTS:X, design time for installers often runs into days.

The Cinema Designer has been designed to change all of that as in a matter of minutes installers can complete a full design and produce downloadable support documents, including 3D CAD placement drawings, cinema specification data, a bill of materials and photo quality renders.

This design software can equally be used for the design of media rooms or even combined cinema/media installations.

Once the user has entered a few basic details (such as room dimensions and screen size), the software calculates the arithmetical design data within seconds and generates design documents in less than a minute.

With brands such as Bowers & Wilkins, Barco, Triad, Classé Audio, Procella Audio and Screen Research currently represented in a growing product database, creators say the tool accurately specifies equipment, based on the correct design principles and performance data.

The Cinema Designer says that installers and manufacturers have already found the tool useful and offered their support.

Dave Nauber, president of manufacturer, Classé, says: “Wow, what a great development tool. It helps elevate the professionalism of immersive theatre designs while slashing development time. Best of all, clients will be reassured by the clear, objective consequences of choosing different design goals and associated equipment. It’s a total no-brainer.”

Arnaud Destinay, Trinnov, high-end audio international sales manager, adds: “Stroke of genius! This product is not only very promising, it is incredibly smart and useful. We strongly recommend and look forward to using it.”

Creators says this new tool has been created by one of the industry’s most experienced and prominent cinema designers and is the product of years of real-world design and installation experience, in an easy to use program.

The Cinema Designer is being launched at ISE 2016 and will be live from the February 17.

The Cinema Designer is available to use for a one off design, or by monthly subscription for an optimal of number of uses, giving installers the ability to store and retrieve their portfolio of designs from the site at any time.

Users who select monthly subscription are able to personalise the design documentation with their company branding.

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