HD Connectivity and AWE Europe have tied up a joint-training and sales collaboration to offer HDanywhere 4K HDMI distribution and URC Control products to UK custom installers.

The deal sees a portfolio products from AWE, the supplier of Ultra HD 4K displays, 4K-scaling AVRs and Blu-ray players, joined by HDanywhere’s 4K-compatible Modular video distribution system.

HD Connectivity’s HDanywhere brand is an HDBaseT Alliance member company and the only full-fledged British manufacturer in the HD Distribution product category, says AWE managing director Stuart Tickle.

“The fact URC training is free to any interested integrators and there is no minimum initial hardware order is attracting a lot of interest from installers who want to offer something that sets them apart from the rest,” Stuart says. “By teaming up with HD Connectivity, we are able to reach a wider audience with our URC training and Complete Control product line up. The collaboration allows us to offer our dealers a high quality HD video distribution product.”

HDanywhere Modular is a customisable Ultra HD 4K compatible, HDMI matrix switcher that uses interchangeable input/output (I/O) module options. This enables bespoke built HD distribution systems, matched to the individuality of any project.

HD Connectivity managing director Chris Pinder says: “HDanywhere is a compelling proposition for the end-user, achieving more with less hardware and cabling, particularly when utilising CEC to provide neater control of sources and displays over the HDMI cable.”

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