For an asking price of $1,600,000 (£1,025,000), one home owner could get their hands on a piece of TV history in the form of Breaking Bad’s drug-peddler-turned-meth-maker, Jesse Pinkman’s huge Albuquerque, New Mexico home.

Dubbed ‘the Breaking Bad house’, Susan Feil & Alicia Peterson Feil are inviting homeowners to ‘live like Jesse Pinkman’ – only hopefully without the meth lab and swarms of dead-eyed partygoers.

Breaking Bad fans may find it hard to recognise the family room from the photos in the slideshow, these days leaning more towards looking inviting and clean and less of that of a drug-den.

Breaking Bad director of show photography, Michael Slovis later revealed that due to the outrageous party scenes due to be filmed inside the home, a set of the family room (although slightly larger) was built due to not wanting to ruin the property.

One thing Jesse did have good taste in, however, was his home cinema system – boasting room-dominating speakers and subs and an enormous screen.

Once purchased, the new owner may want to make use of the large family room in the same way. Stay tuned, US home cinema installers…

Built by Leon Watson and constructed of hollow clay tile, the two-storey, 3,500sq-f, four bedroom home enjoys the luxuries of updated HVAC, electrical, plumbing, a luxurious master suite and a gourmet kitchen.

The doors, windows, chimneys and fireplaces are framed with stonework, anchored by original wood floors.

Located off Historic Route 66, Central Avenue, this classic Spanish Colonial revival home resides in the historic Albuquerque Country Club neighbourhood.

Breaking Bad holds the title in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most celebrated TV series of all time.

In fact, 10 million viewers tuned in for the series finale, the third most watched series finale in cable history.

Among basic cable programming, Breaking Bad had the highest ratings ever.

Popularity has not dwindled since the show’s conclusion: Breaking Bad continues to draw in record-setting numbers on both iTunes and Netflix.

Memorabilia of the series has always been in high demand; an online auction brought in over $10,000 (£6,406) for Walter White’s underwear and over $65,000 (£41,640) for an inscribed Leaves of Grass book.

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