Meridian Audio’s partnership with Jaguar Land Rover has secured an award for ‘Best in Car Audio System’ by Automobile Magazine.

In a round up of eight systems judged by Jake Holmes of Automobile Magazine and Sound and Vision editor Rob Sabin, Meridian’s immersive solution came out on top.

“It takes just one song to become smitten with the Range Rover Sport’s Meridian sound system,” says Jake. “At highway speeds, the Meridian system held up against road noise better than any other system, with clear and well defined bass still distinguishable at 75mph. Meridian was the system that we wanted to listen to all day long.”

The Range Rover Sport is equipped with the 1,700W Meridian Signature Reference System, offering 23 speakers positioned strategically within the cabin. Meridian designs and specifies the speakers which feature in a range of Jaguar and Land Rover models, the positioning of each speaker in each model is carefully tailored to ensure it provides the optimal performance.

Jake commented that “the audio experience for back-seat passengers was among the best of any car tested, with a pleasant and accurate sound stage.”

“I was just so impressed with how natural it sounded all the time with seemingly all kinds of music,” Rob added. “We should all be so lucky to have a system in our home that sounds this good, never mind in a car.”

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