Atlantic Technology has brought to market a centre channel speaker. The 8600eC is a biggie – measuring roughly 68 x 14 x 15in, and packing a massive D’Appolito/M-T-M array consisting of four 6.5in fiberglass woofers with two 5.25in fiberglass mid-drivers and an advanced 1in aluminum/magnesium dome tweeter internally isolated within their own airtight sub-enclosure.  

Like the company’s new flagship 8600eLR towers, the speaker incorporates a 4th order Butterworth asymmetrical time-aligned Linkwitz-Riley crossover with bi-wire inputs. Finish options match the towers and come in high-gloss lacquered Makassar Ebony or luxurious Gloss Piano Black and hailed a Best of 2019 CEDIA Expo by AVS Forum. Shipping now, the 8600eC carries an MSRP of $2,300 – a tremendous value for such a high-performance system. 

The flagship 8600e home theatre system consists of the 8600eLR tower speakers, 8600e centre channel and new SBT500 or SBT1000 high-powered dual-driver subwoofers. The towers and centre are voice matched to each other and compatible with other high-performance Atlantic Technology surrounds, subwoofers, and architectural speakers for maximum versatility in creating custom surround or immersive audio systems.

The centre channel is critical to deliver dialogue, music, and special effects to hear every nuance no matter the source. The 8600eC employs seven drivers, a crossover with bi-wire capability and acoustic optimization controls matched to the 8600eLR floor-standing LR speakers ensuring sounds move seamlessly across the front channels.

The 8600eC can be placed above, below or behind an acoustically transparent projection screen. It incorporates the trademark Atlantic pivoting base which tilts the 8600eC vertically optimizing sound to the listener’s seating position.  Built-in compensation controls further optimize the system for any placement and room acoustics providing the ultimate in flexibility and performance for today’s high-end installations.

“With the design of the 8600e system, Atlantic Technology set new performance standards with new driver technology in an all-new configuration for a no-compromise surround system with superb performance in a variety of settings,” says Paul Fredrickson, Business Development Director at Muto Communications, Atlantic Technology’s PR and Business Development partner. “The 8600e has an unbeatable combination of smooth, accurate sound, sophisticated style and value. Whether playing music or movies, listeners will appreciate the system’s ability to deliver the explosive dynamics of Hollywood blockbusters or the subtle detail of HiRes music.”

The 8600eC features internally braced .75in non-resonant MDF cabinets with seven new state-of-the art drivers configured in a D’Appolito/M-T-M vertical array; four 6.5in fiberglass woofers, two 5.25in fiberglass mid-drivers, and an advanced 1in silk dome tweeter with a powerful neodymium magnet. The midrange and tweeter drivers are internally isolated within their own airtight sub-enclosure. 

Critical to a center channel’s performance is dialog intelligibility. Typical D’Appolito systems often arrange the center M-T-M drivers horizontally vs. the correct vertical array of the L/R speakers. This creates undesirable comb-filtering effects for inconsistent intelligibility across listening positions. With the 8600, everyone gets clear un-compromised sound quality.

Like the 8600eLR’s, the cross-over is a 4th order Butterworth asymmetrical time-aligned Linkwitz-Riley design with bi-wire inputs to maximize power transfer and maintain optimum amplifier damping factor for the best bass control.  24K gold-plated terminals secure large gauge speaker cable or accept banana plugs. 24K gold-plated terminal jumper links are used when bi-wiring is not employed. A high-sensitivity spec of 93 dB with power handling of up to 300-watts makes the 8600eC perfect for very high-performance, large-room systems.

The 8600eC can be tuned to any room with the three rear mounted acoustic optimization controls to minimize detrimental effects of speaker placement and room acoustics.

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