Dirac teams up to showcase cutting-edge home theatre at High End Munich

Dirac has teamed up with luxury audio heavyweights StormAudio and Perlisten to showcase what they say will be the most high-performing and immersive home theatre demo ever delivered at High End Munich.

Attendees of the 2023 expo, which runs from 18-21 May, will have the opportunity to experience an impressive level of home theatre sound that combines the intelligence of the new Dirac Live Active Room Treatment software with StormAudio’s powerful ISP Elite MK3 Immersive Sound Processor and a THX Certified Dominus home theatre-quality Perlisten 11.7.6 surround sound system.

The jointly-delivered home theatre demo will take place at Messe München in Atrium 3.1, room D111 and C112.

According to Fredric Tapper, Dirac’s Vice President of Home & Pro Audio, the show’s custom-built home theatre room demonstrates how the advanced capabilities and patented technologies of Dirac Live Active Room Treatment can optimize audio output for any system with two or more speakers, in any room, reducing the need for expensive acoustical treatments.

Fredric says, “The home theatre we are showcasing at High End 2023 combines the latest advancements in room optimisation, audio signal processing and speaker design to deliver a mind-blowing sound experience that will set a new standard for audiophiles, custom integrators, and their clients.

“By reducing the need for passive tools like bass traps or wall treatments, the new easy-to-use Dirac Live Active Room Treatment software can deliver theatre-quality performance in rooms of any size or shape, allowing more people to enjoy elevated experiences in the comfort of their own home.”

Following an upcoming Spring 2023 firmware update for all StormAudio Processors and Receivers, current owners and new buyers will be able to activate Dirac Live Active Room Treatment to optimise their system’s performance regardless of their specific room shape, size, or interior design.

The StormAudio ISP Elite MK3 Immersive Sound Processor featured in the High End Show demo provides up to 24 channels of decoding and up mixing for the most sought-after immersive surround formats including Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro and IMAX Enhanced, while also offering 32 channels of post-processing, the most advanced version of Dirac Live, and the state-of-the art StormAudio Expert Bass Management.

Olivier Thumerel, CEO of StormAudio, says, “With the debut of this custom demo system and our upcoming integration of Dirac Live ART, we are redefining expectations for ultra-high-end systems.

“StormAudio has consistently raised the standards for peak system performance and immersive audio through advanced engineering, and we’re excited to add Dirac’s newest innovation to all our products so all our valued customers can enhance their home theatres even further with spatially optimized output.”

The 15-seat demo home theatre is the first THX certified Dominus home theatre ever showcased at High End, and uses a powerful Perlisten 11.7.6 surround sound system that includes the brand’s premium S Series In-Wall Speakers and seven subwoofers from its D Series.

Lars Johansen, Chief Sales Officer for the brand, says, “Audiophiles and high-end clients acknowledge that Perlisten is the top choice for theatre-grade sound reproduction that ensures clarity and accuracy for every type of content, which all High End Show attendees will be able to experience for themselves in this custom luxury demo space.

“When complementary technologies arise that can help us explore and invent new standards of performance and effectiveness, like the ground-breaking Dirac Live Active Room Treatment, it benefits all of us to work together and deliver novel solutions. We’re thrilled to help create this exciting space and event for the show so we can give industry insiders, professional integrators, and the general public their first look at the future of home theatre audio.”

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment leverages Dirac’s expertise in MIMO mixed-phase impulse response correction technology to make all speakers in a sound system work cooperatively to accomplish what passive acoustic treatments struggle to achieve. With decay times reduced digitally and automatically, listeners experience clearer sound in a larger sweet spot, devoid of boomy, smeared bass – as if the room itself didn’t exist, says the system’s creator. The end result is an audio system that uses speakers to control and optimise a room’s sound quality, instead of the room dictating the experience.

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment complements the company’s existing Dirac Live features – Dirac Live Room Correction and Dirac Live Bass Control – to improve sound performance in any listening area. It can be used in any system with two or more speakers, with progressive performance enhancements based on the total speakers in the system. The more speakers a system has, the greater the effect of the spatial optimisation.

Dirac argues the easy-to-use app and ability to function with any type or arrangement of speakers make it a more user-friendly option than competing room treatment solutions, which often require the use of specific hardware and extensive manual setup or expert consultation

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