Harman Luxury Audio Group has confirmed that the new JBL DA Series distribution amplifiers will go on sale in the UK during Q1, 2024. 

Engineered to work with any existing JBL architectural loudspeaker, the eight-channel DA850 and 16-channel DA1650 provide four and eight zones of audio, respectively, in a compact 1U design while offering bridgeable outputs to meet high-power requirements. 

Harman Luxury Audio Group gave the distribution amplifiers their EMEA debut at ISE 2024 in Barcelona.

“Designed to deliver up to eight zones of high-quality audio in a compact, flat-stackable design, the DA850 and DA1650 provide maximum performance while occupying minimal rack space,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Harman Luxury Audio Group. “These models feature a host of installer-friendly features and powerful amplification, including the ability to bridge stereo channels into even more powerful mono outputs when needed. They are the perfect companion to our portfolio of JBL architectural loudspeakers, delivering a single-brand system solution from one of the most recognized names in audio.”

Both the DA850 and DA1650 offer 50W for each of their Class D channels into 8ohm loads and 110W into 4ohm loads. By bridging their outputs, rated power increases to 185W into 8ohm loads. 

For additional flexibility, each audio zone can feature an independent source or a single source can be shared across all zones using the global audio input. In addition, zones sharing an audio source can be expanded across multiple amplifiers using the global audio output. 

The DA amplifiers offer three power mode control options — 12V trigger, audio-sensing inputs, and always on — plus overcurrent and thermal protection to prevent potential speaker damage. The amplifiers feature local and bus inputs and channel output level controls.

The DA850 and DA1650 will be available in the UK during the first quarter of 2024, priced at £1,299.00 and £1,599.00, respectively.

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