Apple Music has managed to accumulate 11m users in just six weeks, the company’s senior VP Eddy Cue revealed today.

Speaking to USA Today, the VP in charge of internet software and services revealed that thus far no one has paid for Apple Music, with all 11m users utilising their free trial.

The actual number of users could also be higher than Eddy has revealed, as two million of those 11m users are utilising a family plan, which allows up to six people to use one subscription.

While 11m may sound like a high number, it is worth being cautious.

Every single person who owns an iPhone or iPad and updated to the latest version of iOS received access to Apple Music – and that number far outweighs the number of people subscribing to Apple Music.

While that may sound worrying for Apple, the company has managed 11m subscribers faster than its rivals, which should come as no surprise.

Spotify recently boasted 20m paid subscribers, with 75 million total users, although it has taken the company six and a half years to reach that point.

Apple is rumoured to be seeking 100m users for its service – which coincidentally enough would be twice the number of users that have paid subscriptions with all other music streaming services, combined.

There’s still a chance for Apple to grow its numbers, after all the service is still just limited to iTunes and iOS devices, with it set to hit Android later this year.

The service is also utilising exclusive deals with artists to win users over. Dr. Dre’s first album in 15 years will be the first time the company releases exclusive content to the service – although Apple Music is already one of the only places streaming Taylor Swift’s 1989 album.

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