Automation platform Savant has refined its Partners in Excellence program, providing integrators and their clients with a comprehensive selection of best-in-class connected devices to create a seamless smart home ecosystem. The objective of the program is to provide integrators and their clients with the best and most reliable smart home experience. Savant’s Partners in Excellence Program now features three tiers of participating manufacturers; Savant Recommended, Savant Certified and Savant Supported.

For over ten years, Savant explains that it has amassed a library of 10,000-plus profiles and continues to address the needs of integrators by building vital new profiles every day. This ever-expanding library of high-value profiles will be classified as Supported partners, providing integrators and their clients with the connectivity options they require.

Certified Partners

Certified partners will test all aspects of Savant-built drivers to ensure flawless integration between their products and the Savant smart home platform. Each participating manufacturer will receive a test kit from Savant, facilitating a thorough and efficient quality control process.

Savant Recommended

Savant Recommended partners represent best-in-class solutions from each category, and driver testing will be performed by both Savant’s engineering team and the participating partner to achieve unparalleled performance. The Savant Recommended tier is a unique partnership that brings exclusive functionality to integrators and their clients that is specific to the Savant ecosystem. Recommended partner products will be available for integrators to purchase on the Savant store, and existing partners that have already been QC tested such as Apple, Harman, Netgear and USAI Lighting and others will be categorised within the Recommended tier as the new program commences. New partners soon to be announced include IC Realtime, Yale Lock and DISH. 

“As the control and automation landscape has continued to evolve, integration with 3rd party devices has increased in magnitude and complexity with the onslaught of new entrants in the mainstream IoT market,” says George Katsiris, VP, Product Evangelist at Savant. “Part of the emphasis with our Partners in Excellence Program is to direct integrators toward the highest quality solutions. Our objective is to select and highlight the best industry partners that are committed to providing end-users with the most reliable smart home experience.” 

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