DACS CUSTOM Launches To Wider Audience

DACS has been making custom AV/studio products for 30 years. The company’s high-performance building blocks have been thoroughly road tested and the DACS team says now is the right time to offer them to a wider audience. The company says many people are working in their own studios and more than ever, everyone wants to get the job done in the most effective and efficient way, saving money, but still getting a bespoke result.

Studio owners’ workflow is focussed, and they have an idea; they very clearly visualise something quite specific to speed up their production cycle, or streamline their new studio layout, but the problem is it often doesn’t exist. This is where DACS CUSTOM comes in. The AV specialist says its proven top tier building blocks, coupled with years of manufacturing expertise mean the team can make what is required quickly, and because the maker is focused in this area, at a sensible cost.

Switch and route, split and distribute, monitor and mix, control volume and EQ –the company can has done it all, and to the highest specifications. The bottom line is DACS CUSTOM can make the piece of kit that does exactly what’s needed and no more, delivering a streamlined result and taming costs.

For many decades DACS has designed and manufactured custom solutions for recording studios, producers and academic institutes. Furthermore the company has also designed and manufactured many problem solvers and solutions for the leisure industry, clubs, bars and restaurants, because often what is required for these installations also needs a bespoke approach.

This work and the requests have grown organically over the years by word of mouth and previous customers, however DACS now wants is now targeting a higher profile for the services it provides.

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