The series of Control4 Dealer Summits across the UK and Ireland this month gave an invaluable opportunity to touch base with Control4 dealers, reports the automation specialist.

With over 180 dealers attending, the events were designed to inform dealers on all company news and product announcements whilst arming them with the necessary tools to spread the word to their customers.

Control4 provided detailed material on two recent product launches in the form of the Pakedge WA-2200 and Triad Distributed Audio Series of speakers, underlining how they fit into the rest of the company’s portfolio.

Perhaps more significantly, the events were a chance to take a deep dive into the company’s recently released Smart Home OS 3 for which guest presenters from the U.S made the trip and gave demos on some of the key improvements.

Control4 says a show of hands on how many dealers had already installed or updated OS 3 into their customers’ homes, showed the roll out is going well.

Product detail Loads of detail on OS 3 can be found here.

As for the new Pakedge WA-2200 Wave 2 Access Point with BakPak Lite, this product has been engineered for high-performance and reliable wireless connectivity in homes and projects with a growing number of connected devices, says the maker.

The WA-2200 enables Control4 dealers to provide centralised management and configuration with simplified deployment and should allow projects to cope with the propagation of bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP, 4K/HD video streaming, and multi-player gaming.

The new, high-performance chipset delivers faster speeds, lower latency, and roaming across the wireless network.

With BakPak cloud configuration, the new WA-2200 supports both traditional setup through its local user interface as well as remote management and monitoring (RMM).

With auto-discovery of additional access points on the network, the WA-2200 is also designed to streamline registration and enables quick setup for multi-access point systems.

The Triad Distributed Audio Series of multi-room audio loudspeakers delivers 14 models designed to offer installation flexibility with strong audio performance and imaging.

The speakers feature pivoting tweeters and vary in size as well as in-wall and in-ceiling installation configurations.

All models ship with a white, round, low-profile grill. Replacement square and round grills are available for purchase from Control4 and can be custom paint-matched to blend into any décor.

Fast and simple to install, the Distributed Audio Series tweeter bridge doubles as a handle​, and the mounting screw system is designed to reduce installation time.

“Our new Triad Distributed Audio Series speakers were thoughtfully designed to satisfy a wide range of listeners, as the demand for multi-room audio solutions for any budget is requested by builders, contractors, dealers, and homeowners,” says Charlie Kindel, Senior Vice President of Products and Services for Control4. “The 14 in-wall and in-ceiling models sport features Triad is known for to suit every installation application, from beautifully subtle, low-profile, customizable, and frameless grills, to consistent voice-matching. There’s a Triad DA Series speaker for everyone.”

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