ConnectWise users can now access the company’s cloud service management, monitoring and billing tool, CloudConsole, directly from within the App.

Craig Fulton, general manager, ConnectWise Business Suite, says that CloudConsole was developed to address inefficiencies in the management and billing of services as companies move their clients from on-premise systems to the cloud.

“Our goal is to help technology service providers become cloud solution providers by equipping them with the tools to get ahead of this trend,” he says. “The ability to provide cloud services will give them the competitive edge they require to continue to grow their businesses.”

CloudConsole first launched inside ConnectWise 2016.2 and gives providers the ability to efficiently manage all users, groups and mailboxes via a single, unified dashboard. Companies are able to further captialise on cloud opportunities by automating cloud services billing and setting monitors for Office 365 services.

Over 300 ConnectWise partners have already used CloudConsole as part of its beta testing phase, with many reportedly pleased with how the tool’s feature set has helped them ease their transition to becoming a cloud solution provider

One of those partners is Arterian, a firm that provides Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider services for Office 365 and Azure. “Like other ConnectWise products that we use, CloudConsole has allowed us to aggregate multi-tenant support into a single pane of glass, helping us to increase our efficiency and to save time with a high level of accuracy,” notes Arterian president Jamison West. “The bottom line is that this solution has given us new capabilities. Today we are able to provide quality cloud services in a way that has a positive impact on our bottom line.”

ConnectWise has scheduled a live webinar for February 23 at 3PM GMT where it will give more details about CloudConsole. Those wishing to register for this session can do so here.

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