CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit

CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit: New Updates Bolster Ongoing Workforce Development Initiatives

CEDIA, the association for smart home professionals, announces updates to its NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit to expand access to globalised and regional workforce development tools. The latest additions to the toolkit support CEDIA’s ongoing workforce initiatives by connecting industry employers with talent pipelines and increasing awareness around meaningful career pathways in the smart home channel.

The CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit was released in February 2023 to support smart home industry employers who are interested in engaging potential new talent and increasing community awareness about their businesses and the local industry. The kit includes ready-to-use resources employers can present to colleges, trade schools, government agencies, community centres and other relevant organisations.

The newest additions to the toolkit aim to enhance workforce development efforts with updates that support targeted areas and global communities alike, including:

– Spanish translations for toolkit resources.

– Regional presentations explaining the industry and viable career pathways and supplementary resources like videos, voiceovers, and salary survey results.

The updated NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit retains the tools from its initial release to complement and enhance CEDIA’s current workforce development initiatives.

As the leading global authority on education, certification, research, standards, advocacy, and community awareness for the smart home industry, CEDIA has made a significant commitment to addressing the workforce development needs of the channel. Learn more and download CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit for free here.

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