CEDIA EMEA has introduced a new interactive online questionnaire designed to engage consumer and professional audiences on The Future of the Connected Home.

Sitting on the CEDIA EMEA website and available for all members to embed on their own website, the questionnaire is designed to help the better understand the needs and views of its target audiences, at the same time as educating them about key facts and issues in connected home technology. 

“The connected home landscape is evolving and becoming more complex as it does so,” says Matt Nimmons, CEDIA EMEA’s operations director.

“In this world, extracting knowledge about our customers and potential customers, their requirements and their behaviours, will help our industry remain relevant, develop the right business models and continue to grow as a profession.

“This tool will be a great ice-breaker for audiences new to our industry, helping profile their level of understanding and giving us and our members valuable information.”

He adds: “We recognise that educating consumers and specifiers also plays a critical role. This interactive questionnaire will help us share important information on the connected home with these audiences to inform the choices that they make.

“The interactive questionnaire is the foundation to our understanding of the market so that we can make sure CEDIA and CEDIA members are correctly targeting the right customers.”

Entitled ‘The Future of the Connected Home’, the survey allows users to share their thoughts on a range of subjects, including the scale of the connected home sector, the likely appeal of different technology sub-systems, the impact of broadband availability, potential project budgets and priorities for connected home installations.

CEDIA uses industry market research from reputable sources, such as, Frost & Sullivan and YouGov to feedback to all survey participants with a range of key insights on technology trends.

All those who complete the survey will be entitled to a copy of the report and the opportunity to attend a CEDIA CPD session. 

The interactive questionnaire forms part of CEDIA EMEA’s substantial investment in a dedicated marketing campaign to help the organisation achieve ambitious goals for raising the profile of the industry, achieving greater alignment between specifiers, manufacturers, installers and consumers and to become the voice of the industry in 2016.

The interactive online questionnaire has been developed by CEDIA’s digital marketing and communications agency, Purestone.

Users can access the questionnaire here.

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