Russ Andrews Accessories is introducing its latest and ultimate PowerKord, the EVO-S, which incorporates a cable grounding system to enhance the removal of unwanted RFI from mains cables in order to achieve superior audio performance.

For many years, Technical Director Russ Andrews has been researching the effects of grounding on individual hi-fi components. “The technique of grounding each piece of equipment, via our RF Routers or SuperRouters, provides an effective pathway for RFI – picked up through the mains or by airborne means – to be ‘routed’ away from the components and to ground,” says Russ.

The company espouses the use of a star grounding configuration, whereby the pre-amp or integrated amp is designated as the hub. The casework of each source component is then connected to the case of the hub and it, in turn, is connected to a Russ Andrews RF Router or SuperRouter, both of which direct the RFI to ground via a dedicated earth rod or via the mains earth.

The recently introduced SuperRouter has been designed to accept multiple grounding wires, which is where the EVO-S PowerKord comes in. This new cable enhances the RFI grounding of the equipment casework by grounding the mains cable itself, as opposed to earthing it, which is for electrical safety.

The Russ Andrews PowerKords are constructed using the familiar Kimber Kable woven geometry, a well-known and proven way to naturally reject RFI in cables. The cable’s earth is helically wound around the braided 24 live and neutral conductors, which additionally helps to reduce noise induced in the earth. In creating the EVO-S as a grounded mains cable, to enhance this already substantial natural rejection, the company investigated the use of external screens. This is something it has traditionally avoided as regular metal screens can act as an aerial attracting RFI, making the situation worse.

As Russ explains, “The solution was to create a floating Ground Screen, unconnected to the mains cable and made from 24 braided Kimber TCSS conductors of the same quality as the PowerKord. This Ground Screen is terminated inside a custom-designed interface on the cable, which is fitted with a 4mm banana socket and connected to the SuperRouter using a Russ Andrews Technical Ground Weave cable.”

Each component in the hi-fi system can then be powered using an EVO-S PowerKord, in addition to the casework grounding, to provide the maximum reduction in unwanted RFI.

The EVO-S PowerKord is available now, direct from Russ Andrews and is covered by the company’s lifetime warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee. Owners of existing PowerKords can upgrade them to the new EVO-S under the standard Russ Andrews upgrade programme.

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