Russ Andrews, specialist in the field of audio power management, is introducing a specially developed installation version of its Balanced Mains Unit, to provide smooth, uncorrupted power for the largest of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems.

The install version is capable of delivering up to 3kVA (it is equivalent in performance to the company’s BMU 3000 which is designed to sit in an equipment rack) and is designed to be incorporated as part of a dedicated audio system mains circuit, wall-mounted close to the consumer unit. 

The 3kVA balanced output is delivered courtesy of its twin-transformer technology – the same as those used in the BMU 3000 – resulting in a quieter operation and greater efficiency than the previous install model. The twin transformers split the 230v mains signal into two separate 115v supplies. One is carried on the live and the other on the neutral and as each is a different polarity (negative or positive) the noise on one is cancelled out by the noise on the other. The result, says the maker, is a power supply that is free from noise and hence provides the connected equipment with a cleaner supply.

The Install Balanced Mains Unit is specifically designed to be fitted by an electrician and includes variable voltage input settings so the unit can be calibrated ‘in situ’, to be customised to the individual household voltage – full instructions are included. This is so the BMU will work as efficiently as is possible to provide the maximum audible benefit.

The install BMU is supplied in a dustproof and waterproof IP66-rated steel box, with two glands for accepting the incoming and outgoing ring main or spur wiring. There are no 13A mains socket outlets on the installation version of the BMU, however, like the standard BMU 3000, the install version is wired internally with Kimber’s TCX wire and features a 16A MCB on/off switch with integrated thermal re-settable breakers.

The Russ Andrews BMU 3000 Install unit must be installed by a suitably competent electrician and in accordance with the current edition of BS 7671 (IET Wiring Regulations). It is covered by the Russ Andrews 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee (UK retail price £3,600)

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