Russ Andrews has introduced an MKII version of its popular X Block mains extensions with the addition of a female IEC, to allow daisy-chaining of additional X-Blocks, and a new Grounding Terminal, bringing the benefits of the Russ Andrews Grounding System to a wider audience.

Audiophiles looking for a high-performance but affordable mains extension will find that the addition of the Grounding Terminal opens up an even greater level of performance potential from their investment. According to the company, the Russ Andrews grounding ecosystem is a highly effective and efficient method for easily routing RF noise away from the user’s system.

The terminal can be used in a couple of ways; either as the designated connection to earth from a Russ Andrews RF Router or SuperRouter output, using the mains earth as the final path to ground; or, connected to an input on the RF Router/SuperRouter where an external earth rod is utilised, thereby integrating the X-Block into the Grounding System.

The MkII version has also been fitted with an output IEC socket, enabling additional X Blocks to be daisy chained onto the host block. This is a boon for audiophiles who may need to add sockets in the future to accommodate growing systems. Alternatively, the new IEC output can be used to connect one of the company’s mains filters, such as the Power Purifier or AbZorber, to create an impressive mains outlet and conditioning hub for the Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system.

Like the original version of the X Block, the MKII features a built-in Silencer mains filter and the tried and tested Russ Andrews SuperClamp surge protection technology. The Silencer circuit is designed to provide a quiet zone around the Hi-Fi equipment’s mains supply by suppressing the interference present on the mains from devices such as refrigerators and cheap switched-mode power supplies. It does this by employing a parallel circuit design, to avoid introducing any components into the direct path of the mains supply. 

Manufactured from impact and fire-resistant ABS plastic and internally wired with high-quality KIMBER KABLE TCX mains cabling, the new blocks feature high-performance UltraSockets with Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) and DeoxIT treated, nickel-plated, high surface-area contacts are fitted throughout the X Block range to ensure the best possible connection.

Russ Andrews, Chairman and Technical Director, says, “When we first launched the X Blocks, the purpose was to provide a high-quality extension and connection system that combines real audible improvements with great value for money. The uptake in sales shows that we succeeded in that aim. Now, with the addition of the grounding terminal and additional IEC output, we’re bringing even more performance improvements to our customers.” 

He continues, “We have been researching, developing and implementing improved grounding systems for literally decades and this has given us an unrivalled insight into the huge improvement good quality grounding systems can bring to the musical enjoyment of a Hi-Fi system. The new MkII X Block opens up this world to many more people.”

The MkII X Block is available in two, four or six-way variants and is supplied with the Russ Andrews 60-Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee.

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