Artcoustic Installation Of The Month: One Home, Two Cinemas

This month’s Artcoustic home cinema install of the month is this Birmingham, UK home which boasts not one, but two Artcoustic rooms.

Installed by Home Cinema & Beyond, both entertainment rooms have been designed to deliver in terms of performance, but also provide some fun to the family.

The cinema room boasts a 7.2.4 set up comprised of three Spitfire 24-12 reference model speakers – optimised for private cinemas – four C-1SLs two-way precision monitors for sides and rears, and two multi-drive Performance PS4 subwoofers.

The Spitfire 24-12 loudspeakers were installed behind an acoustically transparent screen that delivers both 16:9 and 2.35 images. “At 110db sensitivity, this will play up to 130db,” says Artcoustic. “In a room this size, the amplifier will need to deliver no more than 10W to produce the 105db reference peak levels.”

“Home Cinema & Beyond felt that Artcoustic was the right choice for this project as they knew the client expected a state of art cinema system, and the full range we have meant consistency in their design proposals, making it easy to explain to the client the quality and the dynamic range each level of specification would achieve,” says Paul Cummin, Artcoustic MD.

“The client understood this and ended up choosing the top (slightly over specified) proposal, resulting in something truly amazing. By showing clear linearity between different proposals, the client is more able to make an informed and considered choice, rather than one purely based on price.”

Meanwhile, the second entertainment room – used for gaming ­– features Bespoke Spitfire 16-8 speakers, which were made to perfectly fit the spaces between the screens.

The games room is next to the home theatre and has two 65″ screens, two Xbox Ones, two PlayStation 4s and a state of the art PC and VR headset.

“The games room brief was less demanding in terms of performance, but the client loved the aesthetics of the Artcoustic speakers, and these were produced in a bespoke size such that they perfectly matched the height of the chosen 65″ TVs,” says Paul. “The spitfire 16-8s are indeed over-specified for the requirements, but it really makes the client smile!”

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