A Fantastic Future At EI Live! 2023

Future Automation will be launching two new lines at the show this year, Unichannel: The Universal Pocket Shade System and Cineair & Cineair Luxe a new outdoor TV cabinet range.

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The UniChannel (UCH) system combines a wooden carcass with extruded aluminium side trim profile instead of the traditional all-aluminium construction to create a more flexible, installation friendly and cost-effective pocket shading system.

UniChannel is available in three sizes for single, dual stacked, or dual side-by-side shade installations. This gives installers the option to combine multiple shade fabrics (such as sheer and dimout) inside a single pocket. All models feature plaster-over flanges to make it simple to create a neat pocket that blends seamlessly into the ceiling.

The innovative internal aluminium shade mount enables both toolless positioning of Future Automation roller shades, using the ‘Twist-In’ shade bracket mounting system, and universal compatibility with shades from alternative manufacturers.

The hook-on aluminium fascia trim panel can be mounted in two positions so installers can either leave the aluminium fascia exposed or attach plasterboard directly to the trim panel. Attaching plasterboard to the trim panel reduces the size of the pocket opening while also creating a seamless transition between the Unichannel system and the surrounding ceiling.

Outside viewing

The Cineair range stands ready to help customers bring the theatre to their terrace, veranda or garden.

At the press of a button, the Cineair and Cineair Luxe automatically reveals the outdoor display from within a handcrafted range of cabinets. The all-in-one design also integrates a soundbar if desired into the front of each cabinet so users can listen to music when the display is hidden.

The Cineair Luxe range is available in three distinct cabinet styles with customisable accent panels and coloured lid options to let each Cineair Luxe cabinet blend seamlessly into the garden. Iroko hardwood features throughout the Cineair Luxe range. Each cabinet is oiled by hand to enhance its natural grain structure.

Castor wheels are an option to allow users to effortlessly reposition the cabinet, so it can be manoeuvred to suit the space or alternatively it delivers from a subtle fixed plinth base.

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