What follows is a special announcement concerning a special initiative happening at EI Live! 2023.


As the industry eagerly anticipates the upcoming EI Live! 2023, a unique opportunity stands before us.

I am David Fell, Co-Founder of Octopi Global, and Co-Founder of Industry Media Company SSUM+, reaching out to share an exciting collaborative endeavour.

In partnership with Genesis Group Global, we are channelling efforts to pave vibrant career paths for UK Armed Forces Veterans, and the Blue Light communities, within the expansive avenues of the smart home and pro AV sectors. This September, we intend to introduce these diligent individuals to our dynamic industry during the remarkable Ei LIVE 2023 event.

Here’s Where You Come In

We invite you to become a beacon of opportunity and knowledge for our participants.

We are looking to organised guided tours at your stands, for around 5-10 minutes on each of the two show days, to offer first hand insights into the sector’s intricacies and the exciting opportunities that lie within. Your expertise and willingness to share your time could potentially be the guiding light in someone’s career path, nurturing the industry’s future stalwarts.

Point of Contact

To facilitate a seamless and enriching experience, we kindly request you to assign one knowledgeable representative at your stands to serve as a point of contact to assist and guide these promising individuals through your showcased solutions. This engagement promises to be a nurturing ground, fostering dialogues and potentially sowing seeds for future collaborations.

A Joint Venture into the Future

Your support in this endeavour translates to fostering a learning space where experiences meet innovation, steering dreams towards tangible realities. An opportunity to give back, to foster new talents, and to champion the spirit of inclusiveness and growth in our industry. As we forge ahead, your participation not only stands as a pillar of support but as a testament to the industry’s commitment to nurturing talent and championing progress.

In anticipation, we sincerely thank you for considering this collaboration; your participation could be the cornerstone of a brighter future for many.

Please email me at david@octopiglobal.com to register your interest to support and to raise any questions you may have. I will also be at the show from midday Tuesday should you have any other questions or wish to discuss with me in person.

Looking forward to forging meaningful connections and nurturing the potential leaders of tomorrow, together.

Kindest regards

David Fell

Co-Founder of Octopi Global & Co-Founder of SSUM+

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