“The most effective and impactful light control systems must first provide meaningful benefits to the people who work and live in the space and then be optimised for energy efficiency without sacrificing the needs of the people.”

This concept was the focus of a talk given by Lutron president Michael W. Pessina recently at the Smart Lighting Conference in Barcelona, Spain. The ‘Systems Approach to Lighting a Building’ theme addressed the economical and sociological considerations of installing a light control system in a home or office.

“Homeowners and business owners alike need to think beyond the energy-saving benefits of a light control system,” said Michael. “When you start to consider the people in the space and how controllable light will affect them from a visual comfort and performance perspective and improve overall well-being, the energy savings almost becomes secondary.”

Other areas the presentation addressed included the importance of designing light as part of the building system and total visual environment of a space and the high importance of integrating lighting with all aspects of a building system, inclusive of HVAC, window solutions and plug load control.

Now in its fourth year, the Smart Lighting Conference focused on state-of-the-art technology, applications, business models and best practices in intelligent and dynamic solid state lighting worldwide.

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