In light of the recent announcement that Zappiti will cease its operations by the end of this year, Kaleidescape is extending an offer to Zappiti dealers to begin a new relationship with Kaleidescape. 

This special offer includes Movie Store Credits for dealers who purchase their first Kaleidescape products. If you are an existing Kaleidescape dealer, you should have already received an email detailing a similar offer around the purchase of new hardware. 

Please review the email and don’t hesitate to reach out to the Kaleidescape team. If, for any reason you have not received the email, kindly inform Kaleidescape and the team will promptly provide you with the necessary information. 

But what about those dealers who have previously sold Zappiti products but have not yet partnered with Kaleidescape, you ask? Pulse Cinemas believes it’s essential to support those who have been a part of the Zappiti family, and as such, they are also invited to participate in this offer. 

Kaleidescape, in collaboration with Pulse Cinemas, is extending Movie Store Credits to Zappiti dealers when they purchase new hardware. These credits are intended to facilitate 

Disc-to-Digital conversions and the purchase of new 4K content when acquiring new Kaleidescape hardware. 

Disc-to-Digital is a service that allows customers to obtain a digital version of their movie collection at a discounted rate. 

The specific discount amount depends on the studio, with some movies costing as little as £3-£9 for their digital versions. 

For dealers who purchase a Strato C and Terra Prime server,  Kaleidescape is pleased to offer the following Movie Store Credits:

  • Add a Strato C and Terra Prime 8TB: Receive £600 (GBP) in 

movie credits.

  • Add a Strato C and Terra Prime 22TB: Receive £1,000 (GBP) 

in movie credits. 

  • Add a Strato C and Terra Prime 48TB: Receive £1,600 (GBP) 

in movie credits. 

  • Add a Strato C and Terra Prime 88TB: Receive £2,400 (GBP) 

in movie credits. 

  • Add a Strato C and Terra Prime 31TB Solid-State: Receive 

£2,400 (GBP) in movie credits. 

This offer applies to first-time Strato C and Terra Prime server purchases by original Zappiti system owners. Proof of purchase of the Zappiti system must be provided, including the serial number and photographs. 

Movie store credits will be valid for three years from the date of issuance. Promotional pricing cannot be combined with other offers. 

Kaleidescape is dedicated to redefining the way people experience movies and music in their homes by offering a collection of 4K movies and lossless quality music.

Pulse Cinemas is a premier distributor operating in the luxury home entertainment and home automation sectors with a commitment to creating immersive, high-end experiences.

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