ACE was founded in Cheltenham back in 1983 and initially concentrated on the supply of standard TV aerial reception equipment.

When BSKYB launched in 1990, the company was able to move into the supply and support of the satellite Pay TV market.

Other changes in the market such as the launch of Channel 5 (1997), Sky HD and PVR functionality, the Digital Switchover and 4G interference management, were tracked and catered for to the company’s growing dealer base.

Able to keep pace with and provide the support and products installers needed for these market shifts means the company has maintained its positon as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of aerial and satellite equipment, offering nationwide distribution, whilst maintaining supply chain reliability via its own fleet of vans and extensive carrier networks.

Able to spot related trends adjacent to what had been its traditional market sectors means ACE has recently been able to develop its offering further and include supply, training and technical advice for CCTV, control and automation brand DemoPad and HDMI and AV distribution via brands such as CYP, Antiference, Global Caché, HDanywhere and Labgear.

ACE now also offers specialist cables across a wide range of applications and multi-room entertainment platforms such as Sonos.

ACE is led by a team of experienced professionals including Richard Miller (commercial director) who also provides technical support and training.

Becky Finlayson is the operations director and also manages the HD Media Partnership scheme for approved installers. 

A crucial part of the offering from ACE, the HD Media Partnership initiative delivers preferential pricing and project management assistance in addition to installation referrals for SKY, HD Connectivity and Cleervu security and surveillance brands.

Members of the scheme have access to education and skills training including basic aerial and satellite installation, SMATV distribution, fibre optic distribution, CCTV, Solar PV and working at heights.

The scheme also delivers regular newsletters keeping members up to date on new product and technology developments, firmware updates and trouble-shooting guides.

The rest of the team is made up of Gemma Fletcher, business development manager, who heads up sales and customer service, Leigh McCaffery, a specialist in CCTV sales and support and Sylvester Ebbs, who is based near Dublin and heads up sales for Ireland.

Product additions to the range in recent times have included the launch of the QCM5 multicore cable, two CAI approved coaxial cables, two CAT6 and one CAT5 cables, both with low smoke, zero halogen inner and outer sheaths.   

ACE is also getting ready to launch new CCTV technology, which allows installers to deliver HD signals over coaxial cable and is continuing to develop its support and distribution of the DemoPad range. 

Growing steadily in its areas of expertise, ACE is excited and confident that its expanding field of operations offers new opportunities to established customers and new accounts, particularly as the ‘middle market’ for affordable multi-room entertainment and control options continues to expand.

As a registered ISO 9001 company with a certified Quality Management System (QMS), ACE says it is committed to continuing to deliver an enhanced level of customer service with constant monitoring of its working procedures, after sales support and customer needs, making sure ACE delivers on its promises.

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