Pro Install AV Creates Woodland Wonder

Formed in 2006, Pro Install AV has grown steadily over the past twelve years, taking on an increasingly larger-scale projects throughout the UK.

The company is headed up by owner Sajid Qureshi, who is supported by an eight-strong team including Jahangir Asghar (engineer), Abid (designer), Tahir (engineer/programmer), Mohammed (engineer), Jitesh (engineer), Andrew (programmer), Nick Robins (engineer).

Some other projects the team is proud of include a recently completed commercial installation for Henley Homes’ headquarters in Battersea, integrating full automation control for the lighting, heating, AV, access control, CCTV and security for a three-storey office building. On the resi side, a Crestron AV system, Wyrestorm matrix and complete intelligent lighting system fitted into a six-bedroom house in Surrey, is another highlight.

This particular project was won by tender with the brief calling for a fully integrated home with Lutron blinds throughout (260+ lighting circuits), HVAC, security, cinema room and multi-room AV.

In addition, the team also recommended a fibre backbone. The idea of future proofing broadband speed (and therefore the convenience of rapid download speeds, access and control) was really attractive to the client.

The team also extended the job to incorporate garden sound after assuring the client it was possible to design high quality audio and broadband coverage in the large surrounding garden.

Building the dream

Situated in Northwood, a picturesque residential community on the outskirts of Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve, to the west of London. This large residential home has been attracting major attention among both smart home specialists and interior design aficionados as a result of this half a million-pound investment in a bespoke AV installation.

Sajid explains, “We chose Sonance for all speakers inside and out because of its huge range of quality audio solutions from one supplier. The brand’s distributor, Habitech also helped us with application ideas and product support when we decided to upgrade the audio design in certain rooms.

“For instance, the highly developed Sonance VP Cinema Series in-wall and ceiling speakers provided the discreet audio quality we needed in the media room/bar area – the in-wall sub kits of twin subs with matching amps are a particularly neat solution.”

Sajid adds, “Elsewhere, the breadth of the range allowed us to tailor the sound quality perfectly for every space. We used the VP66R in-ceiling for most of the rooms because it produces big, easily directable sound and a choice of round or square micro-bezel grills help to match with light fittings for a really discreet look.

“Outside, a Sonance SonArray system in each of three zones gave us the direct-able full-range sound quality we needed. The customer was pleased with the system’s ability to deliver full, clear sound without ever sounding ‘loud’ in a way that was overpowering or distorted.”

In total, as well as the garden, Sonance delivers audio to a total of 30 rooms across the project.

The company chose Crestron for whole-house control to suit the luxury standard the installation demanded. A lot of integration was required and the company is familiar with designing with Crestron.

Lutron was chosen for the lighting and blinds not just because the company is familiar with the way Lutron installs, but also because the team says they love its power to subtly change the look of a space. The quietness of the blinds was also a factor. For the cinema source, a Kaleidescape media server was selected, because, the company says, it’s the original and best-sorted solution available.

Sajid enthuses, “Not only is the quality top notch it’s also very stable and easy to navigate. A rare glitch in a light or speaker can be managed, but a clunky media source that never runs smoothly is guaranteed shortcut to an unhappy client. In our experience, Kaleidescape has never put a foot wrong, and we knew we could rely on this server to deliver top performance long-term.”

The strong Wi-Fi this large property needed was delivered via a Ruckus 802.11ac system, made up of seven R500 access points and two outdoor access point T300s, a zone director 1200 controller and ChannelFly dynamic channel management. For the cabled part of of the network, the team chose Cleerline SSF fibre, connected to all TV points and a purpose-built data cab in the garden, all designed to deliver high performance no matter where in the property you are.

Taking on the challenges

Two big challenges arose during the development of this project. The first was to design a dual-role media room that could seamlessly transition from a bar with some entertainment features, to complete purpose-built home cinema.

Sajid explains, “We chose a three-metre automated screen from Projecta, which is reliably engineered and descends smoothly in front of a bookcase-type room feature into which the Sonance in-walls and subs are integrated. We managed to conceal the speakers so well that they were invisible in the social environment and could only be spotted if you knew what you were looking for. The ceiling hardware is also invisible.”

Speakers are in-ceiling and the JVC X9000R projector is on an automated lift which descends with the screen under Crestron control.

Also included in this area is a Sonance DSP 2-150 digital amplifier which serves as the driving force behind the integrated speakers.

The other major challenge was a floor-to-ceiling mirror, which needed to cover the TV in the master bedroom. For this part the team worked with Future Automation to deliver a completely bespoke solution.

So the killer question as always, what is the best part now all the work is done?

Sajid reveals, “I’m particularly proud of the dual-role cinema room. Designing a dedicated space is pretty straightforward, but pulling-off high quality AV performance in a dual-role application is much trickier in my experience. I think we did a great job in making genuine high-end home theatre so discreet. I’m also very happy the project was delivered on time and budget.

“Of course, what really matters is the client’s opinion, and to that end we were thrilled to hear them claim the automated features as their favourite component of the installation. The family love showing off the bar/cinema transition and the garden sound system, but the mirror in the bedroom remains their little secret.”

Kit list

AV Distribution

Smart-e 16 x 16 HDBaseT Matrix with 10 HDMI receiver baluns 1

Crestron TSW-750 Touch Panel in wall  13

Crestron MTX-3 Handheld Remote 13

Crestron CEN-RFGW-EX 10


Audio Distribution     

Crestron SWAMP 24 x 8 1

Crestron SWAMP 8 x 8 3

Sonos Connect   4

Sire Sonos integration bridge 1


Control and Processors    

Crestron AV3 3-Series Processor  1

Crestron CP3 3-Series Processor 2

BPT door entry system

Ruckus Wi-Fi Networking

Lutron blinds and curtains



Crestron TSW-750 Touch Panel in wall  1

JVC DLA-X55 projector 1

Motorised projector lift 1

Projecta Tab-tensioned in ceiling screen 3m (131in) including trigger 1

Samsung 75in LED TV 1

Fixed wall bracket 1

Sonance Cinema series LCR2 rectangular in-wall speaker 3

Sonance Cinema Series SUR-15 square in-wall speaker 2

Sonance Cinema Series SUB10 bundle. 1 x amplifier, 2 x SUB10 in-wall back boxes, 2 x SUB10 10in subwoofers

Yamaha Aventage RX-2030 AV receiver 1

Oppo BDP-103EU Blue-ray Player 1

Crestron MTX-3 Handheld Remote 1

Crestron CEN-RFGW-EX 1

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