“The client asked for a hidden audio solution as they had a big floor standing 5.1 home cinema system that his wife hated,” Maciej Myszyński of Polish company Tech Evolution tells CE Pro Europe.

After some discussion, Amina Invisible speakers were selected as the solution for the customer, who planned to surprise his wife with the seemingly invisible sound solution after she returned from being on holiday.

Having ‘seen’ the speakers in action on Poland’s Home Renovation Show, the architect knew that Amina’s Invisible solution was perfect for this particular project.

The system was designed to function as a 5.1 surround, providing the best distribution of sound, composed of three types of Amina Invisible Speakers.

The traditional left-centre-right set-up is built from a pair of AIW750i speakers and the centre channel from the Loewe TV speaker.

The two rear AIW550i speakers are installed and plastered over within the wall in a left and right rear channel set up in order to continue the clean and discreet nature of the installation. For the low frequencies, an ALF120 sub-woofer was chosen.

A problem presented itself due to the fact that the living room is 5.5m high, leading directly to the stairs, with no door in between.

“The hall, kitchen and dining space are not separated from the living room by doors, so sound from traditional box speakers caused boundary reflections when the TV or cinema speakers were listened to in the living space,” Maciej reflects. “In the end they decided to turn the box speakers off permanently to get rid of the reflective noise!”

To rectify this, Tech Evolution installed the Amina solution, which involved hiding the right side AIW750i speakers within plasterboard, covered by 2mm of plaster, whereas the left side speakers were installed in a solid wall covered by 1mm of plaster, which was then covered with wallpaper.

“The client did this as a surprise for his wife,” says Maciej. “Each of us that worked on the project (four of us, each from separate companies) waited with the client for her to return from her holiday and give her verdict. We had it all ready – the living room was filled with jazz music when she walked through the door. I’m relieved to say that she had a big smile on her face! She took her husband and they started dancing; they are both so happy with what was achieved.”

The client said that the Amina solution is “perfect and exactly what we need. The sound is pure and clear and we are amazed that we can’t see the speakers”.

“The best part for me now is that the architect is proud of what we achieved; I’m glad I could support their vision with Amina solutions,” says Maciej.


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