The Sensory Dispensary recently created a modern media room using Meridian Audio for a property in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The property was already furnished with a media room, but the homeowner was eager to update the space. The brief for The Sensory Dispensary was clear – simplicity, good aesthetics, and the best possible sound and picture. The challenge for this project was to adapt and modify the existing media room without major structural work, for a seamless transition. 

The Sensory Dispensary integrated a pair of Meridian’s flagship DSP8000.2 Digital Active Loudspeakers into the space, chosen in a piano lacquer black colour finish to complement the room design. The loudspeakers feature the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, enabling high quality usage for a prolonged period of time, with no additional amplification required. 

These floorstanding loudspeakers are complemented by Meridian’s DSP7200.2HC Digital Active Loudspeaker beneath the screen, which provides full range playback in a horizontal centre channel package. 

For a discreet yet powerful solution, two Meridian DSP320 Ceiling/In-Wall Digital Active Loudspeakers were also integrated into the ceiling. The DSP320s were the ideal solution to achieve the chosen aesthetic, as they blend almost seamlessly into the ceiling and the grille can be colour-matched to a paint or wallpaper colour.

To ensure a room-filling performance, two Meridian DSW DSP Subwoofers have been integrated into the system to provide deep bass and heighten the acoustics in the room. A Meridian 861V8 Reference Digital Surround Sound Controller has been integrated beneath the screen, linking all audio sources.

To link all HDMI sources with the Meridian systems in the space, a Meridian UHD722 HDMI Processor was used. It can coordinate up to seven sources and has the capacity to split the HDMI DataStream from a selected source into separate audio and video signals, giving the homeowner the option to choose for a video signal to be sent to one or two display devices, whilst the audio is directed out of the unit itself.  

Complementing the audio system is a JVC projector, a large Stewart Filmscreen screen, Somfy blind control, and a Control4 control system all synchronising with the room’s modern interior. 

Neil Zasman, owner of The Sensory Dispensary comments on the project: “The end result was a total success as it achieved our objectives and met all of the client’s requirements. On completion of the project, we received an email from the client’s personal assistant, who mentioned what a phenomenal job we had done on the project – she has heard all about it! Customer satisfaction is key, and this is a prime example of how our work supports our continued success and achievement at The Sensory Dispensary.”

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