URC and Fusion Research have announced a new URC direct dealer sales agreement and Total Control 2.0 integration of Fusion Research Solo and Duet Music servers.

Total Control 2.0 is URC’s smart automation and control system featuring highly customisable GUIs and robust third-party integration. Total Control 2.0 is ideal for common areas and amenities spaces in multi-dwelling units, commercial facilities such as bars and restaurants, conference rooms and executive offices, and hospitality and classrooms.

Starting May 14, 2020, authorised URC direct dealers in the US can purchase Fusion Research Solo and Duet music servers from URC for end user sales to the commercial integration and custom home integration channels via URC’s Dealer Portal.  

Additionally, an all-new two-way IP module will be available for download from the URC Dealer Portal for seamless integration with URC’s Total Control smart automation and control system.

“The combination of our Total Control system, our DMS Distributed Audio system and Fusion Solo and Duet music servers provides a compelling value proposition for commercial and residential installs,” comments Lars Granoe, VP of Product Development for URC. “Fusion’s music servers support native integration with SoundMachine, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn, so the end user can browse and select content from any URC total control user interface without having to use a third-party application. And the support for SoundMachine music streaming service is a perfect complement for commercial applications.

“We’ve received a lot of input from URC dealers regarding our module and were very happy to collaborate with URC directly in creating this new version for Total Control 2.0,” comments Ingo Schmoldt, Vice President of Sales for Fusion Research. “Our Solos and Duets are the perfect source for URC’s DMS multi-room audio system and dealers will find the new two-way module that we’ve launched provides easy control from URC’s Total Control smart automation & control system. This distribution agreement gives authorised URC direct dealers easy access to the line-up and one-stop shopping.”

Fusion’s Solo is a two-source music server in a conveniently small form factor that supports premium streaming music apps and syncs to iTunes accounts. The Fusion Duet music server features three discrete sources housed in a fan less 1U high rack enclosure for easy rack mounting.

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