Smart lighting and building software expert, amBX, has announced the details of the latest updates to its smart lighting control platform, SmartCore.  

 Representing the latest in smart building technology, amBX says SmartCore is a unique software that takes intelligent lighting to new levels of capability, efficiency and interoperability. The latest SmartCore update includes a range of new features that open up additional opportunities for users. 

 Users will now be able to add Smart Emergency Lighting Control to their SmartCore platform. The new amBX Emergency Lighting Monitoring Dashboard will allow users to input and manage test results, check scheduled fixture tests and record and monitor ongoing actions needed to achieve compliance. Results can be exported to provide a hard-copy records. This will aid with supporting regulatory compliance while simultaneously making the audit process easier.  

The update has also introduced a number of new protocol support options to SmartCore, including publishing data to MQTT topics for IoT applications to access. This allows for connectivity to the cloud and provides lightweight, efficient and reliable data management. On the control and sensor side, a range of new gateway products are supported, including BACnet to DALI solutions such as Tridonic’s SceneCOM and BACMOVE DALION, native BACnet device control and sensor reading is now possible and Xicato Wireless Mesh is also added to the list. To further support these protocol additions, SmartCore now supports D4i, the status and monitoring extension of the Dali 2 standard.  

Adding to the list of new functions is a scheduling and event tool, a switch behaviour designer tool, a monitoring tool, and an updated commissioning capability. All of these updates further increase the intelligent capabilities of SmartCore, delivering a better experience for those using a building and those responsible for its deployment and management.  

 Completing the list of new and innovative features is the localised Dusk and Dawn function. This helps to ensure minimal light pollution and makes buildings more ‘dark sky’ friendly. SmartCore delivers more energy-efficient buildings as it ensures artificial light is only used when needed, and the light levels match the intensity required by the occupants wherever they are in the world.  

  Introducing the new features, David Eves from amBX, says “At amBX, we are very proud of what we have achieved with SmartCore, and we are always looking for innovative ways to offer even more from the platform. SmartCore is ever-evolving, and it is ready to meet the demands of the future, which is why we are excited to launch these new features to bolster the already impressive software. 

 “We see ourselves as an enabling technology; we work with our clients to solve their smart-tech challenges and strive towards a fully connected, digitised future.” 

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