Sun Light Solutions and amBX has revealed a new integration driver for the Lutron Homeworks QS system with the amBX lighting effects generator and can be seen on demonstration at the Pulse Cinema showrooms in Stansted, UK.

The amBX integration driver was created for SLS by Andy Casey of DemoPad and allows full integration of amBX Light-Scene Engine into a Lutron Homeworks QS system and opens up the entire dynamic and interactive lighting experiences possible from the amBX system.

amBX Light-Scene Engine works with any number of DMX controlled lights and now, designs and installations based on Lutron QS will no longer be restricted to a limited capability of this type of lighting. Whether it’s for a single room or to add a deeper ambience to multiple spaces, a new range of possibilities with lighting is now achievable within a Lutron QS system.

Neil MacDonald, COO amBX, comments: “We’ve been looking to add amBX capabilities into a Lutron system design for some time. This development makes it a seamless experience for the user and we’re excited at the breadth of posibility this opens up for designers and installers.”

Kevin Martin, MD of SunLight Solutions adds: “Installers have been asking for a true integration solution so that they can add the excitement of amBX into Lutron projects. I’m delighted this is now posible, we already have new dealers with new projects on the strength of this facility.”

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