CasaTunes has added features and capabilities for a better and more robust user experience for customers using Control 4, including support for Control4’s Media Service Proxy (MSP).

“At CasaTunes we are called the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of whole house audio because our goal is to offer support for the solutions our dealers are installing,” comments David Krinker, president of CasaTunes. “Our approach to Control4 provides dealers with maximum flexibility, allowing them to install a complete CasaTunes solution or if working in a retrofit situation, it allows dealers to add the powerful CasaTunes Multi-Room Music Server to existing audio distribution systems supported by Control4.”

The CasaTunes Multi-Room Music Servers can also be configured to operate as a multi-stream music player.

In this mode, the CasaTunes Streamer can be paired with any Control4 supported AV switch, whether these are from Control4 or other vendors.

CasaTunes can be controlled from Control4 through touch panels, remotes, browser and Apps, as well as using the native CasaTunes Apps for iOS and Android.

Homeowners using Control4 with CasaTunes can now listen to music stored on the music server hard disc, as well as listen to various popular Internet radio and music services.

With support for multiple music streams simultaneously, CasaTunes users can listen to the same music in each room, or to different music in each room, or any combination thereof.

Listening to music has been made to be as simple as choosing the room, selecting the stream, and then browsing or searching songs by album, artist, genre or playlist.

Users can also stream music from any App on one or more iOS devices to any CasaTunes room. CasaTunes supports using wired, wireless or both wired and wireless speakers, the perfect combination for new and retrofit installations.

The CasaTunes drivers for Control4 supports all CasaTunes Multi-Room Servers and Streamers, legacy CasaTunes XLi/e based systems and CasaTunes systems configured for use with third party supported audio matrix switches, like those from Audio Authority, ChannelVision, HAI/Leviton, Nuvo, Russound, RTI and SpeakerCraft.

The updated CasaTunes Control4 drivers are available for download from the CasaTunes web site.

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