Zuma has announced the beginning of a brand-new partnership with Rako Controls. Zuma becomes the latest smart home brand to join Rako’s extensive home automation system, with lighting functions made easily adjustable via Rako’s popular wall-mounted keypads and the Rako app. 

According to the company, smart home installers and specifiers can now opt for the class-leading quality and unparalleled user experience of a unique Zuma ceiling speaker and downlight in one, in the knowledge that Zuma can be fully integrated into a new or existing Rako lighting control system that’s simple to use, and easy to install. Users with Zuma and Rako installed in their homes will be able to turn smart lighting on and off, control colour temperature and intensity and adjust dimming levels, all via Rako’s wall-mounted keypads.  

This new partnership has the potential to make Zuma an even more exciting prospect for whole-home integration specialists nationwide. With it now part of the Rako system, specifiers can install Zuma alongside a host of other lighting and smart home brands – all managed by Rako’s optimised home controls. By introducing its immersive sound and light solutions into Rako’s control system, a whole new world of smart home possibilities is now on the table.  

This announcement reaffirms Zuma’s commitment to offering an experience that remains an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for smart home and custom installs. Zuma integration for Rako is available now and interested parties can contact Zuma or Rako for more information.

Rako and Zuma 

Rako says its smart lighting control systems lead the way in providing state-of-the-art digital dimming technology, through innovative solutions that meet the needs of a diverse range of applications. With a range of products, together with an experienced support team and a network of trained dealers, Rako is the market leader for smart lighting control solutions, says the company.  

By partnering with Zuma, Rako says it has introduced an innovative and extremely popular sound and lighting solution into its network of compatible smart home technology brands. Together, Rako and Zuma represent a new future for smart home installations encompassing lighting, audio, shades, garage and gate control through one system. 

Zuma’s wireless, near-invisible sound and lighting dramatically reduce the volume of cables, control systems and cluttered surfaces in the home – making it a strong solution for custom installers and specifiers looking to preserve the home aesthetic whilst delivering class-leading audio and illumination, says the maker.  

Large-scale integrations with Zuma 

With Zuma part of Rako’s whole-home control system, it is now possible to seamlessly and easily introduce Zuma speaker-lights into complex and large-scale home integrations. It means specifiers and installers can utilise the power of Zuma to elevate the sound and lighting of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms – and any other room in the home – whilst employing multiple additional smart home technology brands where applicable. Zuma can be introduced into Rako installations now, with onboarding conducted by a trained Rako installer.

Sarah Chiappi, Sales Director of Zuma Array, says, “Rako and Zuma together expand lighting control beyond the downlight, bringing elegant lighting and immersive sound to a diverse range of projects. Firmly established in the lighting industry, Rako has partnered with Zuma to be at the forefront of innovation, recognising the simplicity and high-quality performance Zuma can bring to their projects. Zuma is delighted to work with such a respected partner and looks forward to collaborating to bring cost-effective, wireless, Hi-Fi-quality music and wellbeing together with award-winning, state-of-the-art digital dimming for simpler, smarter projects.” 

Paul Wafer, Managing Director at Rako Controls, says, “Rako is delighted to integrate with Zuma to offer seamless control of light and sound in one simple and stylish fitting. To partner with Zuma, which is at the forefront of design and innovation is incredibly exciting for us. By bringing Zuma together with Rako’s established presence in the smart home sector, we look forward to delivering simple, smart control of light and sound to many projects.”

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