Dolby Laboratories, Inc and Warner Music Group (WMG) are introducing an elevated way to experience WMG songs and albums – with Dolby Atmos music, which seeks to redefine how music is experienced by giving artists a platform that allows listeners to experience a deeper connection with their favorite artists and songs. 

Music fans can stream WMG tracks today in Dolby Atmos on Echo Studio, Amazon’s recently announced smart speaker, through Amazon Music HD.

“Artists are excited to work in Dolby Atmos because it enables them to produce their music in a more personal, authentic, and immersive way,” says John Couling, Senior Vice President, Commercial Partnerships, Dolby Laboratories. “Warner Music Group is an important partner helping us push the industry forward by bringing Dolby Atmos to its legendary catalogue.”

“Listening to music is by nature a creative and emotional experience, and to take that experience a level deeper through Dolby Atmos is something we wanted to offer to both artists and fans,” adds Allan Coye, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy & Business Development, Warner Music Group. “We’re looking forward to working with the Dolby team and continuing to explore innovative opportunities in this space.”

Dolby is working closely with artists, record labels, streaming services, and consumer electronics manufacturers to make Dolby Atmos music experiences widely accessible.

“Music has been stuck in stereo for decades, confining the creative capabilities of artists to a linear plane,” says Dolby. “Dolby Atmos removes this barrier by giving musicians a platform that expands their creative possibilities and allows listeners to experience a deeper connection with their favourite artists and songs. Music fans can unlock this experience today on Echo Studio with songs available through Amazon Music HD.”

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