The CAI is inviting visitors interested in leaning more about how moving pictures, audio and data are being distributed around the single home or multi-dwellings like apartment blocks, care homes, hospitals and commercial premises to attend its annual show at the National Motorcycle Museum on April 27 2016.

‘Evolving Connectivity 2016’ promises to unlock a number of secrets this year. ‘Namely how we cope with the sell-off of more TV spectrum and the impact on viewers aerial installations, plus the latest devices on which TV is being watched and how we make signal arrive at those devices,’ says The CAI.

The surrender of 700 MHz of TV frequency spectrum promises to dominate most of the chat during this year’s annual CAI show.

Digital UK’s new programme director of 700MHz, Kate Macefield will discuss how viewers and the aerial industry will be affected by the clearance of 700MHz and how CAI members will play a key role in helping consumers cope with any necessary aerial changeovers. 

Graham Plumb, principal broadcast specialist, Ofcom will talk through all sides of the political, commercial and technological arguments for selling spectrum along with Ofcom’s role in instigating the process. 

The keynote speaker this year will be Richard Lindsay-Davies, chief executive officer of the Digital Television Group (DTG). Richard will give a broad overview of where this now extremely diverse industry is heading as we see TV and audio spread across even more platforms of delivery.

The CAI also hope to have an exclusive overview of how the new Sky Q could be integrated into home delivery systems as well as the latest news on 4K and UHD TV from SES-ASTRA.

Register to attend Evolving Connectivity 2016 here.

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