Those wishing to learn the basics of aerial and satellite installation will have one last opportunity in 2018, as CAI has announced a three-day course for would-be installers to attend in December.

The three dates (December 11, 12, 13) are available to anyone looking to enter the industry or for those who have experience but want to know more about the theoretical and practical aspects of terrestrial and satellite signal reception and installation. Both CAI members and non-members can attend, with pricing set at £525 for members and £780 for non-members.

This programme covers all aspects of TV delivered via an aerial and satellite dish into a coaxial network around a single dwelling property. Over the three days this programme presents all the criteria necessary to deliver terrestrial and satellite TV programming to TV receiving equipment in the home.

The following is the content that will be taught during the three-day course:


  • Health& Safety in relation to the use of ladders.  (Aerial & Satellite)
  • Electrical Safety requirements for signal distribution.  (Aerial & Satellite)
  • Signal types & measurement.  (Aerial & Satellite)
  • Aerial design & choice through survey tests. (Aerial only)
  • Brackets, fixings & installing a chimney lashing kit.  (Aerial & Satellite)
  • Cables, certification & correct fitting of connectors.  (Aerial &Satellite)
  • Aerial alignment & recording signals. (Aerial only)
  • 4G Interference Mitigation.  (Aerial only)
  • Amplifiers, diplexers, combiners & their application.  (Aerial & Satellite)
  • Modulation techniques & digital compression. (Aerial & Satellite)
  • Surveying and testing location site/planning considerations. (Satellite only).
  • Reception of other satellites.  (Satellite only)
  • Assembly, fixing and alignment of a satellite dish.  (Satellite only)
  • Received connection and interconnection to ancillary equipment.  (Satellite only)
  • Fault tracing and mitigation techniques.  (Satellite only)
  • Customer relations, conduct, documentation & insurance.  (Aerial & Satellite)
  • Future development of the aerial/satellite and multimedia industry.

Following this three-day programme all participants will be able to;

  • Select the correct aerial for regional terrestrial TV reception.
  • Select the correct dish size for regional satellite TV reception.
  • Record signals for both terrestrial & satellite.
  • Installa chimney lashing.
  • Fit the correct connectors to terminate coaxial cables.
  • Assemble a satellite dish.
  • Install & align a Sky UK satellite dish.
  • Install and programme a Sky UK HD satellite receiver.

Learning Style

This programme is classroom based by PowerPoint and contains and mix of practical demonstrations with hands-on learning exercises. The assessment method for this programme is by means of a multiple choice open book assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.

If you wish to make a booking contact Amanda Ward on or call the office on 01923 803030.

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