Audio Analytic has signed a new strategic partnership with audio software and hardware development consultancy StreamUnlimited, with the company’s sound recognition software set to be integrated inside StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK.

Voice recognition is a hot topic in the technology sector currently, with all the big players getting involved. Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now and Microsoft has Cortana. Now thanks to this agreement, users using the StreamSDK can recognise certain sounds thanks to the Audio Analytic ai3 technology.

Through the use of the SDK OEMs will be able to integrate a range of smart home features inside their devices. It also allows manufacturers to add streaming capabilities with absolute ease – a feature that is at the top of the list of requirements for many consumers.

StreamUnlimited explains that some of the use-cases for Audio Analytics’s sound recognition software includes the ability to play a pre-recorded audio message to deter intruders if a window breaks or play lullabies whenever a baby cries in the night to ensure the parent gets a restful sleep. Software updates to the SDK will also enable new use-cases to be addressed in the future.

StreamUnlimited was spun out of Philips in 2005. It provides software solutions, hardware design and professional services to many of the world’s leading audio Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
Chris Mitchell, CEO of Audio Analytic notes: “We’re delighted to be partnering with StreamUnlimited to bring our innovative sound recognition software to their audio OEM customers. StreamUnlimited have unrivalled experience in developing and optimising audio devices and the team immediately realised that our ai3 sound recognition technology unlocks significant new product opportunities for their extensive customer base.”
Markus Rutz, CTO of StreamUnlimited adds: “We are highly impressed by Audio Analytic’s best-in-class ai3 sound recognition software. It enables a wide range of innovative new applications for audio products in the Smart Home to address. Enabling smarter living is increasingly an important point of product differentiation for the end user. We’re looking forward to helping our OEM customers stand out from the crowd with compelling new use-cases based around Audio Analytic’s generic sound recognition technology.”

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