WyreStorm is using ISE 2015 to showcase its full 4K distribution with HDMI and HDBaseT 5Play matrices, 4K/HD scaling and in-line audio downmixing, slim-line 4K extenders, receivers and splitters and a new 4K test kit.
ISE is also being used to officially launch the Enado control interface as well as WyreStorm’s new NetworkHD-PRO H.264 IP solution and modular HDBaseT matrix, with a few additional surprise product announcements expected to be made at some point during the exhibition.

On show will be WyreStorm’s new range of UltraHD 4K solutions, including two new 8×8 Matrix switchers distributing 4K content over HDMI and HDBaseT, 4K 1×2 and 1×4 HDMI splitters, a new range of low-profile single cable extenders with 4K compatibility distances 25m, 35m and 70m, 4K<>HD scaler and audio downmixer and 4K compatible pattern generator and signal analyser.

UltraHD 4K Matrix switchers include the 1U MX-0808-4K 8×8 HDMI to HDMI as well as the 2U MX-0808-PP-POH-4K 5-play HDBaseT for video, audio, two-way IR control and RS232, Ethernet and Power up to 70m/230ft UHD or 100m/328ft 1080p HD. Both model support full 4K compatibility 30Hz@4:2:2.

Also on show is the low profile EXP-SP-0102-4K/EXP-SP-0104-4K WyreStorm Express UHD 4K HDMI Splitters, measuring 18mm high feeding a single UHD source to two or four outputs up to UHD resolutions. 

Even slimmer are the range of 70m and 35m UHD 4K HDBaseT extender sets and receivers EX-70-4K / EX-35-4K / RX-70-4K / RX-35-4K, featuring two-way control over IR and RS232 with extensive EDID management, LED signal status indication and dual power connectivity over phoenix and threaded DC ports on both models.

At just 15mm high for the 35m and 18mm for the 70m, both offer installation convenience, with the 70m models boasting full HDBaseT Class A 5-Play compliance with Ethernet and multi-stage LED transmission indication to instantly identify signal status and quality and help troubleshoot potential installation issues.

With the EXP-EX-HDBT-50 UHD 4K support and HDBaseT, the manufacturer states that transmission technology is finally in reach for projects on a tighter budget requiring shorter distributions.

The WyreStorm Express UltraHD 4K HDBaseT extender set offers Class B HDBaseT transmission for distances of 25m UHD and 50m 1080p HD, including two-way IR control.

“It may sound obvious but not every client will ditch their existing HD screens overnight now something better (and considerably more expensive) has arrived, and as such the importance of supporting a combination of UHD 4K and 1080p HD displays within the same distribution is significant – or else return to the dark days of 720p Vs 1080p, whereby distribution was only as good (and stable) as the lowest resolution screen in it,” says WyreStorm.

The solution, says WyreStorm, is an in-line WyreStorm EXP-SCL-DAC-4K scaler between receiver and display that automatically scales up 1080p content to UHD 4K at 30Hz on any 4K screens and scales back 4K transmissions to 1080p 24fps – if that is all the display is capable of. 

Furthermore, the addition of Dolby downmix to stereo PCM functionality in the EXP-SCL-DAC-4K means multichannel audio up to 5.1 can be distributed to zones that support and automatically scale down to compatible stereo PCM audio without sacrificing the integrity of the transmission.

ISE 2015 also sees WyreStorm unveil the TT-KIT-4K, its new signal test equipment supporting all resolutions up to full UHD 4K.

Comprising of the TT-GEN-4K UHD 4K HDMI Timing Signal Generator and the TT-SIG-4K UHD 4K HDMI Source Signal Analyser, the TT-GEN-4K generator uses internal software and a 1in display to set timing, refresh rates or scan types and sync polarity as well as pattern type used to test colour, gradient, detail, motion and 3D. 

Similarly, the TT-SIG-4K UHD 4K HDMI Source Signal Analyser is able to test timing at the display location by displaying data of incoming signals to ensure it matches what is being transmitted, with video displayed on the 2in OLED screen.

In terms of EDID, the TT-SIG-4K can mimic any TV, screen or projector by storing its EDID for the integrator to recall anywhere to test an installation without needing to have any screens on site.

The TT-GEN-4K offers complete examination and diagnosis of transmissions from any source to all displays to ensure improved interrogation of project distribution between devices.

Visit WyreStorm at ISE at 5-U120.

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